Secret Project Created Weaponized Ebola in South Africa in the 1980s


Old-Thinker News | October 20, 2014

By Daniel Taylor

“No records are available to confirm that the biological agents were destroyed.”

Nine real technologies that will soon be inside you

Yahoo News | October 19, 2014

By Mike Edelhart

Given the frenzy of interest following the announcement of the Apple Watch, you might think wearables will be the next really important shift in technology.

Not so.

Amgen to join Gates Foundation in effort to produce Ebola drug

LA Times | October 17, 2014

Amgen Inc. said it would work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other groups to come up with an alternative production method for ZMapp, the promising experimental drug to treat Ebola whose supply ran out in August.

Red Cross president: ‘The Ebola crisis will grow’

Yahoo News | October 16, 2014

By Dylan Stableford

‘Threat of a global health catastrophe’ is real, he says

The head of the International Red Cross is warning that the Ebola crisis will likely only get worse with the real threat of a “global health catastrophe.”

Google 2.0 will ‘build airports and cities’ says report

The Independent | September 19, 2014

By James Vincent

Related: Google-Berg Merger Ushers in Planned-Opolis Future in the Hybrid Age

Google’s seemingly limitless ambition has seen the company take on drones, self-driving cars and even the problem of aging, but the company’s founders have even grander plans – to build cities and airports.

Scotland’s Independence Vote Shows a Global Crisis of the Elites

NY Times | September 18, 2014


When you get past the details of the Scottish independence referendum Thursday, there is a broader story underway, one that is also playing out in other advanced nations.

MasterCard tests Orwellian national ID card on Nigeria

Natural News | September 18, 2014


The march toward enslaving the world’s population by a handful of globalist statists and corporations continues, with the latest chapter unfolding, of all places, in Nigeria, compliments of MasterCard.