DARPA issues solicitation for radical biological technologies to “optimize human performance”

BioPrepWatch | July 28, 2014

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) released a solicitation on Wednesday for innovative research proposals of interest for its Biological Technologies Office (BTO).

DARPA is looking for research that investigates leading edge approaches that enable advances in science and technologies, especially in systems that intersect biology with engineering or the physical and computer sciences.

Paul Singer: EMP threat is ‘head-and-shoulders’ above all others

CNBC | July 29, 2014

By Lawrence Delevingne

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer has issued an unusual warning for investors, calling the threat of a widespread blackout from an electromagnetic surge the “most significant danger” in the world.

IBM and USAA put Watson A.I. to work in the military

Gigaom | July 28, 2014

by Barb Darrow

IBM continues its epic push to entrench Watson in applications — including consumer-facing applications with customer USAA, which provides financial services to U.S. military personnel and their families. The new IBM Watson Engagement  Advisor aims to help service people make the transition from military to civilian live, IBM said.

Australian Repeal Deals Blow to Global Carbon-Emission Plans

Wall Street Journal | July 27, 2014

By Vanessa Mock

Australia’s repeal of a pioneering tax on carbon emissions has dealt a sharp blow to struggling international efforts to coordinate on global warming and comes ahead of key climate-change talks next year.

Surveillance Programs Hinder Journalists, Lawyers, Report Says

Wall Street Journal | July 28, 2014

By Felicia Schwartz

Large-scale U.S. surveillance programs hinder the ability of journalists to communicate confidentially with sources and restrain lawyers from adequately representing clients, according to a report issued Monday by two advocacy groups.

Scientists accuse government of dishonesty over GM babies

The Independent | July 28, 2014

By Steve Connor

The Government has been accused of misleading the public over the introduction of a new in vitro fertilisation (IVF) technique that some experts believe will result in the birth of “genetically modified babies”.

Superpower for Hire: Rise of the Private Military

Vice/Youtube | July 24, 2014

Vice takes an unprecedented look into the shadowy industry of Private Military Companies. For the past two decades these private companies, like Black Water, Aegis and G4S have silently consumed military operations around the world, doing everything from back end logistics, protection of government VIP’s and diplomats to actual combat duties. In this documentary we explore the origins of this industry, their rise in the war on terror and their future operations around the world.