70 Jobs for 2030

World Future Society

Bio-botic Physicians and Bio-botist Assistants. These individuals would look at the integration between biological functionalities and implanted enhanced life extensions (nano-robotics). People in this field would

Rationator Police may be created to monitor thought

repair internal chips, resolving complications between the natural biology and nanobots (biological machines) in the “evolved” man.

Bioregenerative Integrators might ensure that nanotechnology is operating and regenerating as programmed or coded. These professionals might be like today’s experts in remote monitoring centers for pacemakers.

Rationator Police may be created to monitor thought, so that the proper medications or electromagnetic frequencies would be uploaded/downloaded to ensure joy, peace, and happiness. These frequencies could be sent wirelessly by another new type of professional: Sensuality Simulators.

Sensuality Simulators might control dosages (like today’s pharmacists and physicians) to enhance all senses so that virtual reality becomes the preferred reality. This would allow recipients to be sustainably content and productive.

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