Dawn of the age of the robot

December 30, 2010
By Dominic Rushe

The US military is backing the development of a four legged mechanical pack-carrying robot, called the BigDogs

The robots are coming. The second decade of the 21st century will see the rise of a mechanised army that will revolutionise private and public life just as radically as the internet and social media have shaken up the past 10 years. Or so says Marina Gorbis, futurologist and head of Californian thinktank The Institute for the Future.

The IFTF is one of the world’s most venerable thinktanks and has been plotting the course of the future for corporate and government clients since it was spun off from the RAND Corporation in 1968.

Gorbis says robots will increasingly dominate everything from the way we fight wars to our work lives and even how we organise our kitchens.

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  1. You are totally on the mark about the changes that the robo-techno-tyranny will bring. It’s actually worse than you think.

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