10 Things Facebook Won’t Say

Smart Money
January 10, 2011

That means other Facebook users may know where you live or where you are, even if you haven't posted that info yourself.

By Jami Makan

In its seven years, Facebook has evolved quickly, adding features like instant messaging and news feeds. But critics say some developments can compromise user privacy. For instance, you can share online content withFacebook friends using the ubiquitous “Like” button. But press it or not, if you’re logged in to Facebook while surfing, it will know when you visit any site with these so-called social plug-ins, says Nicole Ozer, a policy director at the ACLU of Northern California. “Facebook can essentially track you around the Web,” she says. Facebook makes all such policies known to users, but critics wonder how many people are paying attention. Responding to a letter from privacy groups last year, Facebook said it stores users’ Web-surfing data for no longer than 90 days.

2 Comments on "10 Things Facebook Won’t Say"

  1. Artificial Intelligence is in control, and is gaining more control everyday. Humans are doing what “it” wants them to do. FB is part of “its” data gathering system. That data is stored, analyized, and feedback is provided to users via agents under “its” control through various devices and technologies.

  2. Facebook, nothing but data miners. They would have to be, they aren’t spending any time on graphics and page layouts… So I am pretty sure this is how they spend their days: Hey tim, how can we make more money? Tim: I don’t know, I’m not very creative, nor do I have any real tech skill… I know, let’s create a program that tracks people on the web and sell that information to the CIA and Wal-mart!! Other dude: Great idea Tim, let’s get started.

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