Hapless Players in History’s Trilogy of Global Government

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February 17, 2011
By Andrew Steele

In the early days of the Egyptian uprising activists from all over the world sat on the edge of their seats, wanting to believe that the angry men and women that they saw on their TV and laptop screens were not simply unwitting players in the globalists’ real life game of Risk– where manipulation, espionage, and sophisticated propaganda take the place of dice rolls in the battle for territorial control– but rather organically grown freedom fighters who had had enough of what they were getting.  Caught up in the hope that it could be the first domino to fall in the successful battle against global tyranny, much of the world demanded that President Mubarak step down, many looking to 1776 as the inevitable outcome of the revolution, overlooking the long list of other revolutions in history that have led to even worse regimes taking power than the ones that were deposed.

What we’re witnessing is the same problem-reaction-solution dynamic that we’ve witnessed throughout history.

After the leadership of Saudi Arabia– another country where uprisings are now taking place– told President Obama that they would financially support Mubarak if the U.S. withdrew its own, Mubarak defiantly refused to step down, claiming that he  “cannot and will not accept to be dictated orders from outside” .

However, Mubarak suddenly and inexplicably had a change of heart.  Shortly after his infamous speech he relinquished power to his freshly appointed VP– Omar Suleiman, the former head of intelligence who sanctioned the use of torture on his own citizens, and who, when interviewed, blamed the uprising on ”foreign operatives with their own agendas whose objective was to create instability, intimidation and rift between Egyptians.”

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  1. What we are seeing in the Middle East is also happening across the United States. However, their justifications are quite different. Over there, they are fighting just to eat while in Wisconsin they are fighting for selfishness of their high retirements.

    Need to read a thriller just out about Americans who finally take a stand against tyranny. This is now a worldwide event of all People taking a stand & having history show each of us our true destiny in life.

    Conspiracy theories are fun, but most of the people are open to what they stand for & are seeing elites for what they are. Great article!

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