Pentagon perception manager knows how to manipulate search engine algorithm

Old-Thinker News | July 14, 2011

By Daniel Taylor

Comment/Update from Old-Thinker News (July 16, 2011): Here is an interesting field of study for readers to investigate for themselves: Memetic Engineering. Here’s another thought: The “Home Audience” isn’t the only target. The “Arab Spring” was largely initiated and supported by the social networks and twitter. Iran is presently preparing to block a U.S. backed “internet in a suitcase” operation.

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The Pentagon announced today that the internet is an active “Operational Domain” for the military. In fact the internet was already targeted by the Pentagon in its 2003 Information Operations Roadmap that outlined a strategy to “fight the net” as if it were an enemy weapons system. The strategy as outlined for the public involves protecting “national security” and sensitive government networks from hack attacks.

Information warfare is the front line of battle in the 21st Century, a fact that the Pentagon is clearly aware of.

"It begins with getting inside the algorithm."

“Perception manager” John Rendon is a key figure in the information war. As Rolling Stone reports, his job was to sell the Iraq war to the American people, but Rendon firmly denies any involvement. As of 2005, John’s firm, the Rendon Group, has earned more than $56 million in Pentagon contracts.

In his newly released book The Filter Bubble: What the internet is hiding from you, Eli Pariser of interviews Rendon, where he candidly spoke of perception management in the digital world. Specifically, Rendon hints that he knows how to game the system of search engine algorithms – the system by which pages are ranked and internet searches are displayed – and in turn shift the mindset of the masses.

Rendon stated during the interview, “It begins with getting inside the algorithm. If you could find a way to load your content up so that only your content gets pulled by the stalking algorithm, then you’d have a better chance of shaping belief sets.”

Rendon hinted to Pariser that this was already happening.

“In fact, he suggested, if we looked in the right places, we might be able to see traces of this kind of thing happening now – sentiment being algorithmically shifted over time.”

“I returned to the question about using algorithms to shift sentiment,” writes Pariser.

“I have to think about it more, Rendon said, “But I think I know how to do it.” “How?” I asked. He paused, then chuckled: “Nice try.”


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  1. Brings to my mind the scripture, “…it decieves those who dwell on the earth, bidding them make an image for the beast…”! This is exactly what is going on! Information is being managed in order to manage perceptions, in order to create …an image for the beast…”! What is the “beast”? According to reference materials I have, its the animal spirit, the carnal spirt, that rules the conscious and subconscious thoughts of human beings.

  2. robertsgt40 | July 18, 2011 at 4:15 pm |

    “Perception Manager”? What’s the matter with this picture? I guess this is the same as someone who distorts facts/figures to give a less than honest image. It’s called a lie. Sounds like this guy should run for Congress…or Prez.

  3. Sharing docos and you tube dowmloads

    locally by swapping Terabyte USB drives

    is one way ’round their sneaky underhanded algorithmics.

    Saves on the crippling costs of bandwidth too.

  4. It’s called telling google what to do it’s not an algorithm.

  5. Leslie Jones | July 16, 2011 at 5:05 am |

    First of all, this dude is a contractor. To get a contract with government you have several ways. One is to buy the contracts, which is the most common practice today worldwide, not a clever move at all. But the worst signal. If there is already a pentagon with tax-payed people, why not using them, instead using contractors? A whole very revealing thing, but lets fool the search engines to pretend any other thing. Don’t need to be a full fledged hacker to find the real terrorists.

  6. Like the blind, arrogant fools they are, they believe that they can win in this environment. They should pick their fights, and their ‘battle fields’, more carefully. Here,
    there be “Monsters”. Very, very large ones. Scary Big Ones.

    THESE Natives are smarter then you are, Cap’n.

  7. what this article is describing is just good SEO technique for a bunch of government-friendly news sites. this is how you get your content on the first page of a search engine. of course it’s much easier if search engine confidenatlly discloses their ranking formula to you so you don’t have to guess, but any SEM advisor worth his money could do that, nothing new here

    • uninformedLuddite | July 16, 2011 at 3:11 am |

      What a crock of pooh. What you are essentially saying is that there are is less than a dozen ‘good’ optimisation specialists in the world. Search engine optimisation is one of those niche industries that rip off the unwary web site owner and should be avoided. I bet you make your money out of SEO and so it pays you to push the idea.

  8. of course such skill would only be worth it if we could protect the truth against such as him. i take it back THE TWO ABOVE ARE COREECT, AND I ERR: TRAITOR.

  9. an this be all it takes?

    the two here proir, to what do they respond? methinks should anie body happen here even practicyngge what wouldst replie hereunto — that is, to be sure, before they had sette eyen a word upponn — then it may be a body has ears virtuall for naught. not that i, who skim, and skim, am from this saddnesse mickle moved, but i know my heart’s first thought, and bryghtest —

    an this be all, why are not more of us thus practicéd?

    • Spell check my friend…spell check. And pratice your English…hardly understood that rubbish.

  10. Bruce Hayden | July 15, 2011 at 6:29 pm |

    Is there any doubt left that the military fascists run the country?

  11. Why does the US Military spy on the people of the world? That is because it is an enemy of the People, run and controlled by the zionists who are the real masters of the US military! Those of you in the US miltary who are serving the Vile rogue nation of Israel are nothing more than Traitors to the American People and the World! And as Traitors, you should be Court Marshalled and then shot by firing squad for your treachery! Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish! TRAITORS!

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