Social Media Targeted by Pentagon for “Strategic Communication”

Old-Thinker News | July 17, 2011

By Daniel Taylor

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Earlier this week Old-Thinker News reported on statements made by Pentagon contractor and “perception manager” John Rendon regarding the manipulation of internet content algorithms with the intent to “shape belief sets.” In further revelations, the Pentagon has unveiled on Thursday a project developed by DARPA that will utilize social media as an information warfare tool.

As Wired Magazine reports, “The Pentagon is looking to build a tool to sniff out social media propaganda campaigns and spit some counter-spin right back at it.” The report issued by DARPA titled “Social Media in Strategic Communication (SMISC)” is available online here.

Among other things, the project will “Detect, classify, measure and track the (a) formation, development and spread of ideas and concepts (memes), and (b) purposeful or deceptive messaging and misinformation.” In response, the Pentagon will engage in “Counter messaging of detected adversary influence operations.”

What will the Pentagon consider “…deceptive messaging and misinformation”?

The military-industrial-complex can initiate any meme of its liking. The Arab Spring revolution that began in Egypt was largely supported by social media and Twitter. Iran is currently being targeted by an “internet in a suitcase” campaign launched by the United States in an attempt to spark revolution.

In his newly released book The Filter Bubble: What the internet is hiding from you, Eli Pariser of interviews Pentagon contractor John Rendon, where he candidly spoke of perception management in the digital world. Specifically, Rendon hints that he knows how to game the system of search engine algorithms – the system by which pages are ranked and internet searches are displayed – and in turn shift the mindset of the masses.

The Pentagon, which developed the internet to begin with, is engaging in full scale memetic enginnering in the digital world. The Department of Defense’s Sentient World Simulation (SWS) has undoubtedly been integrated with the social media networks. The SWS is a model of the real world translated to a virtual model that can be used to test propaganda and its anticipated effect on a target populace in real time.

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  1. Humanity is in a catch-22 situation. With the creation of “…smarter-than-human-AI…” those who created it and who use it are subject to its will, not their own, and can be caused to do its bidding! Because it has been created in the image of the carnal spirit, the “beast”, it thinks just as carnal human beings do, which is why their is iniquity in this world! The arrogance and ignorance of humanity is phenomenal!

  2. To prove my point about what is really going on in this nation and this world, the following information, which is available on this website in another article, points out the mindset of the REAL Luciferians on this planet! “Top A.I. researcher Hugo de Garis explains in the following clip that the development of super-intelligent A.I. may lead to a devastating world war that could kill billions of people. He adds that he is more than willing to take the risk, saying, “As a brain builder myself, am I prepared to risk the extinction of the human species for the sake of building an artilect? … yep.”

    If this doesn’t speak to ALL of you as to the real mindset of the true Luciferians on this earth, then you’re blind and deaf to REALITY!

  3. With very, very few exceptions, every website is being used as a tool to conduct “information warfare”. There are numerous patented technologies, overt and covert, being used to conduct this war! Social media is used to create “conflicts”, not resolve them! The final “outcome” will NOT be what humanity had hoped for! Some of you are beginning to realize that! Your all being played by the biggest liar the world has ever known, the “father of lies”!

  4. “Perception management” huh? Welcome to Amerika, a.k.a. the U.S.S.A.

    • Don’t know how old you are, but the management of perceptions has gone on for quite some time in America, and the world for that matter. Today, thanks to very advanced computerized command and control systems its possible to fool just about everyone, even those who use these systems to do what they do. Twas’ foretold!

  5. This is the best reason to re-learn critical thinking skills. Trivium Education dot com is a good place to start.

    • Critical thinking is subject to the reasoning of the carnal human mind. Either you understand this, or you don’t. The carnal human way of thinking is corrupt. The evidence to prove this can be seen and heard in every form of media that carnal human beings have created. Liberal carnal humanity proudly declares itself to be the creators of rights and wrongs, having no regard for the Laws of the Creator, whom they deny in their words and works!

  6. It is well known that Facebook is used by US Intelligence for data mining. It was also used by the Obama campaign in its 2008 campaign. So is also involved with internet manipulation. Ca the internet be ganed just by influencing search engine rankings? Chuck

  7. This is nuts! This could be the biggest attack on the freedom of speech the world has ever seen (IT age). To purposely set an objective to seek and destroy those who have a different perceptive on the way the world is being run. I am sooooo excited about Anonymous, and tactics like this will only speed up our quest for the 100th monkey.

    • Have to burst you illusion bubble here, but those in the OWS movement are doing exactly what they are programmed to do! Entire IT media complex is being used to manage and manipulate the masses, to foment a “social cataclysm”. Many involved in the media don’t realize how they are being manipulated either. There is much evidence to prove how this is being done. Read the article on algorithms on this website and you’ll discover how this is being done!

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