As the American Empire Spreads Abroad, it Becomes a Police State at Home

Black Listed News | July 26, 2011

By Sherwood Ross

As America’s empire spreads abroad, it becomes ever more the police state at home. The methods used for the suppression of foreigners by military force and violence are eventually mirrored in the “homeland.”

In an article last September 25th titled “It Is Official: the US Is A Police State,” author Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Treasury Secretary during the Reagan years, wrote, “’Violent extremism’ is one of those undefined police state terms that will mean whatever the government wants it to mean. In this morning’s FBI foray into the homes of American citizens of conscience it means antiwar activists, whose activities are equated with ‘the material support of terrorism’…”

The FBI raids at home are reminiscent of U.S. military raids overseas. In Iraq, for instance, labor union offices were raided and rifled and labor leaders imprisoned by the Occupation forces. Their “crime” was to oppose sweetheart contract deals with private oil firms.

The vast U.S. prison system, which houses 2.4 million Americans, may be compared with the Gulag the U.S. has built abroad. America today is the World’s Jailer. As Allan Uthman reported on AlterNet, in 2006 the Bush regime began building “detention centers” to warehouse inmates for unspecified “new programs” when the Army Corps of Engineers gave Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root nearly $400 million. What we do abroad, we do at home.

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  1. Was watching FOX Business news channel today around 1 PM PST, and a “billionaire”, didn’t catch his name, was being interviewed by a female reporter. He said, concerning the OWS revolutionary movement underway in the US (and I’m paraphrasing here), that those involved had better reconsider what they are doing, claiming that we are all together in this nation, and that the lifestyle and the freedoms “WE” enjoy could be taken away in a very short period of time. When he says “WE”, who is he talking about? Is he ignorant, unsympathetic, or is he giving a warning, or what? Everything we do and say, is under SURVEILLANCE! E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-N-G! This is freedom? One cannot go anywhere, or do anything, without being watched and listened to by electronic surveillance systems, both overt and covert! Yeah, thats right, there are surveillance technologies being used right now that you aren’t aware of! First they put these surveillance technologies “government” buildings, then it was “public” buildings, like airports, then it was intersections on “public” roads, and then “public” highways, interstates, and roads, and parks, and now they want to put these same surveillance technologies in your car, in aircraft, in boats, and in your home, and again some overt and some covert, and all “to keep you safe”, they claim! How long will it be until they require all of us to have an electronic sensor, like an electronic “tattoo” or “patch”, put on our foreheads or hand in order to put our “thoughts” under surveillance? Not long, because they have the technology to do this already! What kind of lifesytle is this? What kind of freedom is this? If you believe what THEY say about all this, that this is FREEDOM, then you deserve what they have planned for all of you!

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