Old media refuses to cover Rawesome Foods raid, avoids printing raw milk phrase

Natural News | August 8, 2011

By Mike Adams

It is perhaps the biggest story of the year in terms of fundamental food rights, and yet with very few exceptions, old media (traditional newspapers and news outlets) has outright refused to even cover the story. In fact, NaturalNews has learned from an inside source at the NY Times that the newspaper has an editorial prohibition against using the term “raw milk” in print.

Instead, NYT uses the term “unpasteurized milk” which implies that somehow the milk is “incomplete” unless it is pasteurized. In its coverage of the issue, NY Times is almost universally in favor of processed (pasteurized) milk and strong government regulation, refusing the recognize the rights of private individuals to own shares of cows, goats or other farm animals and then enjoy the benefits of that private ownership (http://www.naturalnews.com/033255_R…).

Aside from a small number of exceptions, the last real mention of the term “raw milk” by the New York Times appears to be in 2004: