Stand tall as it all comes down

The Age of Transitions | August 13, 2011

By Aaron Franz

The world appears to be falling apart, and indeed it is, but why? This is the question we must ask ourselves when faced with a constant media barrage of fear warning us of the imminent collapse of the world as we know it. Everyday we hear more and more about economic, political, and social armageddon. While the media’s focus remains external, the very real internal breakdown of our individual human will takes place as a consequence of this worldwide media blitz.

Examples of Media Terror

Further riots in London as violence spreads across England

World Depression: Special Report

There is certainly truth in the media’s many stories, but what is lacking is a greater context.

Why is everything falling apart at this moment in time? There is actually an answer to this question, although it is something that many cannot seem to come to terms with. With a twisted sense of the darkest humor the greater truth of this tale is always portrayed as the delusional ravings of conspiracy theorists. But those with courage and self-confidence remain steadfast, and are not swayed by such psychological bullying. They can at least understand that there is such a thing as purpose in this apparently senseless world of ours. They are able to sense the outlines of a dark purpose that remains plausibly deniable. It is apparent that all of the chaos occurring worldwide is being allowed to happen for a reason. In fact, when you read certain government documents you will understand that much of this chaos was expected in advance. Its all occurring right on schedule. But whose schedule? What kind of person would instigate such horror, and for what purpose?

To get at any real answers, any higher truths, we have to first ask these sorts of questions. We have to understand our very own fragile human psyche. It is easily damaged by threats and intimidation. News is not usually viewed as an intimidation tactic, but rather it assumes the guise of objectivism. Because we have always been given this definition of news, we take it for granted. We don’t think beyond the inherent limits of media to see that it is actually the perfect tool for psychological operations. Even if we do come to realize that media can actually be used as a weapon, we are left with the question: Who would be able to use it in this way?

We are all being demoralized. Our comfortable world-views are being challenged on a daily basis. For example: most Americans used to believe that if they worked hard and followed the rules that they would be given all of the riches of the American Dream. In the face of incredibly corrupt financial institutions and politicians this dream is dying a slow but sure death. Lack of trust in officials and a general sense of dissatisfaction with the system itself has become the norm. And why are we so jaded? Because it is the logical response to the constant news stories that explain how we are being financially raked over the coals by corrupt institutions. The destruction of America is being broadcast in black and white terms.

Yes, everybody knows, but what are they going to do about it? This is the most important question of all, and truly there is no one answer to satisfy it. Each of us is faced with the burden of living through this Age of Transitions, and if we don’t do it on our own terms then we will be easily led to the false utopia of social manipulators. This is something we must avoid at all costs. For what its worth, we all need to learn as much as we can right now so that we at least have the ability to intelligently face the madness being thrown our way. Individually we must take stock and find faith in something. We have to reclaim our own morality. If we falter by choosing to turn away from the phantom in the mirror then we shall surely suffer. Our answers lie in the heart of darkness, but in order to know them we must first be willing to face ourselves.

There is no reason to fear the end of a life that was destined to be temporary. The true prize is, and has always been, to make of it what you will. Go beyond the perpetual fears of this world.

Seeker, seek on…


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  1. If you read Albert Pikes description of how he, and those who worship and serve Lucifer, are fomenting the events that have been, and are now, occurring in the world, that are occurring EXACTLY as he described in his prediction of 3 world wars, two of which occurred for reasons EXACTLY as he described, and the 3rd being fomented today EXACTLY as he described, you begin to fully understand the reality of this world. The ultimate goal in all of this is to completely demoralize humanity, so much so that they will put their “faith” in, as you wrote, “something”! The majority of humanity puts their “faith” in themselves, in human developments in the sciences and technologies to solve human problems, relying upon their “own morality”, which if the truth were known to them is the reason for all the problems in the first place! Ultimately, those who put their “faith” in humanity will realize how wrong they were! As for me, my “faith” is in Almighty GOD, the Father of Jesus, The Christ, sender of the Holy Spirit, who has promised to create a “new heaven and a new earth” in which “righteousness dwells”. In the meantime, a “time of trouble” is upon humanity, which they call the “Age of Transition”, but the end results will not be what they had hoped for, and some are beginning to realize this!

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