Your Smartphone Is An Artificial Limb

Fast Company | August 22, 2011

By Kit Eaton

While you were busy catapulting Angry Birds on your iPhone, scientists at Vanderbilt university were using the components inside your smartphone to create bionic limbs. The Vanderbilt leg, seven years in the making, anticipates the movements of the person wearing it, resulting in a more natural gait instead of the slight dragging experienced by most wearers.

The trick is pulled off by loading the prosthetic up with batteries, powerful mobile processing, and a suite of motion sensors — many of the same core components that are jammed inside your precious, glossy smartphone. And it turns out that the advances achieved in smartphone tech, used cleverly, can change the world for people other than amputees too.

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  1. Don’t have a ‘smart phone’, and won’t get one either. Have a regular cell phone, but rarely use it. Am using it less and less too. Will not be buying any new electronic communcations devices either. The computer I have now is old, but it works, for now, and I’ll use it until it no longer functions. Will not be getting an electronic “tattoo” or “mark” either. Will you?

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