IBM Predicts Mind-Reading Machines

Fox New York | Dec. 20, 2011

ARMONK, N.Y. – Century-old technology colossus IBM on Monday depicted a near future in which machines read minds and recognize who they are dealing with.

The ” IBM 5 in 5 ” predictions were based on societal trends and research which the New York State-based company expected to begin bearing fruit by the year 2017.

“From Houdini to Skywalker to X-Men, mind reading has merely been wishful thinking for science fiction fans for decades, but their wish may soon come true,” IBM said in its annual assessment of innovations on the horizon.


3 Comments on "IBM Predicts Mind-Reading Machines"

  1. IPv666 is coming!

  2. Remember the TV movie Colossus? I do! They were warning people of the consequences of creating an AI back then, and with very good reason! Has that stopped power crazed humans from doing it? Nope.

  3. If they can develop mind reading technology, then they can control the mind as well. Its a two-way system. It would act in a god-like manner, but its learned everything about the world from carnal human beings. Not very good examples at all! If you care to notice what is being created from the carnal mind is centered in fulfilling the “passions”. This has always led to wars and fighting. Its no wonder that the most popular video games are games involving fighting and war!

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