Thursday April 17th 2014

Stuxnet weapon has at least 4 cousins: researchers

Reuters | Dec. 30, 2011

Comment from Old-Thinker News: This is a classic example of problem-reaciton-solution at work. Create the cyber security threat and ensure endless demand for your new Cyber Command department and its ability to “flip the switch” on the net.

By Jim Finkle

(Reuters) – The Stuxnet virus that last year damaged Iran’s nuclear program was likely one of at least five cyber weapons developed on a single platform whose roots trace back to 2007, according to new research from Russian computer security firm Kaspersky Lab.

Security experts widely believe that the United States and Israel were behind Stuxnet, though the two nations have officially declined to comment on the matter.

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  • Lance says:

    Access to the Internet can be limited or prohibited in a number of ways. Websites can ban individuals or groups by blocking their web address or addresses. Easy to do.

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