Census: Number of U.S. youth shrinks

USA Today | Jan 5, 2012

By Haya El Nasser

The bad economy and slowdown in immigration is shrinking the nation’s youthful population for the first time in a generation, according to Census data released today.

The number of people under 18 stood at 73.9 million on July 1, 2011, a decline of more than 260,000 from the previous year.

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  1. That natural, and unnatural, events cause population declines is a well known fact. For instance, policies and programs that encourage young people to avoid the consequences of sexual activity, the main one being bringing a child into being, and preventing STD’s secondarily, are promoted all over the world. At the other end of the spectrum, whole populations in many under developed nations have actually died off from AIDES as a result of rampant unprotected sexual activity. Preventative programs appear to be promoted in favor of preventing unwanted pregnancies, mainly, but in reality it is to actually allow humans to satisfy the desires of the flesh. Then there is the very real possibility that manmade events, using new technologies, to cause events to happen such as droughts, floods, volcanic erruptions, earthquakes, tsunami’s, fires, conflicts, revolutions, wars, etc., are causing populations to decline as well. Suicides, as a result of being involved in heinous acts of torture and murder, can also cause a decline in the human population, especially in the youth of a nation. Its also possible that the availability of drugs, legal and illegal, are linked to increasing death rates and lower birth rates. Its also possible that vaccination programs that claim to be saving peoples lives are, whether accidentally or purposefully, actually causing people to die off. Some “enlightened” people have even considered mass euthanasia as a viable, and even reasonable, “humanitarian” method to alleviate suffering and pain in the world. Add to this the technology to do away with the need for humans to do many things they once did, to actually replace the need for human beings, and the decline of human beings on the planet can be readily understood. One other factor is rarely discussed. Could it be possible that the Creator of All is punishing the world for its iniquity? Could be.

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