Mark Levin on ‘Ameritopia:’ ‘We Now Live in a Post-Constitutional Country’

cnsnews | January 16, 2012

By Terence P. Jeffrey

In an interview with about his new book—“Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America”—Mark R. Levin said he believes America has already largely become “a post-constitutional country.”

The book, released Monday, compares the Utopian and unworkable schemes laid out by political philosophers from Plato to Thomas Hobbes with the vision of natural law, God-given rights, and individual liberty that inspired the Founding Fathers when they wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

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2 Comments on "Mark Levin on ‘Ameritopia:’ ‘We Now Live in a Post-Constitutional Country’"

  1. iamnotasecularliberalhumanist!

  2. Sorry boys and girls, but the declaration of independence, the constitution, and the bill of rights were created from the minds of secular liberal humanists who were educated in university’s where all were taught the “seven liberal arts” handed down from the Greek and Roman empires. The “Graeco-Roman” traditions were powerful influences on Western culture, and still are. The English were well versed in this “New Learning”, which was not really new, just reborn from classical antiquity to become classical learning, thats all. Nothing new under the Sun!

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