Governments Passing Forced Fluoridation Laws!!

youtube | Jan 31, 2012

Comment from Old-Thinker News: Arthur C. Ford, the New York City Water Commissioner in 1956, wrote a public letter responding to City Council’s proposal to fluoridate the water supply of New York City. In 1965 New York City began fluoridating the water supply, despite wide-spread concern. Among  many other important points, Ford warned,

“Fluoride, besides being a toxic substance, is not all excreted when taken into the system, a significant percentage remaining cumulatively. Fluoridation of the drinking water at any level of concentration is a very indiscriminate procedure, since children drink widely varying amounts of water, each according to taste, physical activity and seasonal variations of the year. The daily intake of one child often differs greatly from that of another who may drink milk, fruit juices and soft drinks in abundance… How then, will each child receive its appropriate share of water having a given concentration in parts per million of fluoride?

As America wakes up and passes local laws removing fluoride from water supplies, the Feds are pressuring States into forcing fluoridation. The Nuremberg laws clearly state that it is a crime against humanity to force or covertly medicate populations. This is just another over the top control freak action by a gangster run system.