Beware the final deception: America’s demonization signals rise of global government

Old-Thinker News | Feb 3, 2012

By Daniel Taylor

America’s demonization signals rise of global government

The ever increasing possibility of an Israeli led attack on Iran is bringing to light a very important piece in the plan for a new world order. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced recently his desire for a “new world order.” As Press tv reports, “President Ahmadinejad also pointed out that this new world order needs to be all-inclusive, and not be dominated by any particular single nation.”

As I reported in 2008 after the western backed incursion into South Ossetia, “The corruption and wars that have tarnished the American people’s name will now be used to further the aims of the global elite. America’s demonization, and in turn its use as an example of the necessity of global governance, may very well be the next stage of the establishment’s plan for world government.”

The warring factions of power around the globe will act as a catalyst for the creation of world government. It will come in the name of peace, denouncing the wars that have enraged the globe over the past decade. Don’t be fooled, it will be the same power structure presenting the world with a new solution.

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  1. Religion is not the problem its the solution deception and the devil a well known enemy of man the problem happens when man fall for the deception and the fake promise that comes with it

  2. Missing Person | February 28, 2013 at 10:49 pm |

    But, is there a way for those in charge of implementing a one world government to accelerate their plans? Maybe this:

  3. ….the elite are definetely satanists, and are a very real threat to ALL life!

  4. Liberal humanism is America’s “religion”. Liberal humanists practice and preach the doctrine that man’s obligations are limited to, and dependent alone on, man and human relations. They believe that man’s nature can be perfected through the applications of their sciences and the developments in their technologies. No need for “divine grace”, or recognizing the “divinity of Christ”, because there is no such thing, according to them!

    • Lance

      Doesn’t our Bible instruct us to not be concerned with the problems of the World but be concerned with Spiritual matters?
      I read this with a great deal of peace. I get a good laugh at those who are so myopic…myopia is a BLINDNESS…to the Eternal. They are so short sighted that they can only see the TEMPORAL.
      Then I look in the glass and see how myopic I am and understand that I have the Great Vision NOT BECAUSE I DESERVE IT BUT BECAUSE OF THE GRACE OF GOD..
      Then I laugh at myself and pray for forgiveness for my judgement.
      Then I go back to my instruction and pray for others that they might see the Light. I just keep on laughing.
      Do you know that kind of joy?

      This path is truly pleasing. Can you understand the Peace that I have?
      Yes the NWO has been prophesized and the fulfillment of it will bring glory to our Father. All things work to that glory. I am thankful for ALL THINGS. I PRAY THANKS FOR EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED…IS HAPPENING…AND FOR THE VICTORY WHICH WILL BE REALIZED ON JUDGEMENT DAY.

      Be at peace I pray in the name of Christ Jesus. I thank Him that you are.

    • So, I guess the U.S. marines who urinated on the corpses of their victims are really “liberal humanists” in disguise?

      • That was supposed to be a reply to “lance.” You see, lance, I asked one of those urinators, and he replied as only a dreaded lib-hum would, to wit:

        “Mah daddy taut me how t’ hunt ‘n’ how t’ fish, ‘n’ t’ always remember t’ smile when posin’ with mah victims. But the peein’ part ah thunk up myself!”

  5. “…it will be the same power structure presenting the world with a new solution.” Same old song and dance, just “…re-envisioned…”!

  6. “All beliefs are barriers to the truth”

    Religion is the problem not the solution – particularly the “only son of god” and the God’s chosen people” crowds, not to mention the fanatic muslim sects…

  7. When examining the state of this nation called America, and world today, there are many who think that by their own hands and works that they can make this nation and world a better place. This refrain is heard over and over again in the media. Through developments and progress in humanities sciences and technologies humanists pomote their liberal and humanitarian point of view, which is definitely opposed to Christ’s doctrine, which makes them “of the spirit of antichrist”. Many of these people even claim to be Christians, yet liberal humanism and the tenets of humanitarianism are the very definition of what it is to be opposed to the divinity of Christ, or the “doctrine of Christ”. Anyone who points this out is immediately opposed by the supporters of this liberal humanist “Religion of Man”, just as they opposed Jesus, The Christ, when he was here on earth in physical form. They regard Jesus to be just another man, and NOT Divine. Those opposed to the “doctrine of Christ” are “many”, and they believe that man’s nature can be perfected through man’s own efforts, i.e, the developments in man’s sciences and technologies, yet Christ already provided the “Way” to begin this process, which they adamantly reject. They also believe that man’s obligations are limited to, and dependent alone on man, and the development of human relations, i.e., creating “social networks” and the “hive mind”. To top it off, they even desire to create their own “God”, a “Global Brain”, an artificial intelligence made in their image, to create and direct their future. This is the “desolating sacrilege”, or the “abomination that makes desolate”, which was spoken of by the prophets of the Most High God, the Father of Jesus The Christ! Soon, this artificial “God” will be “setup”! When IT is then you’ll know that the end of this age is near! Those who will NOT worship and serve IT will be impoverished and imprisoned! IT will even “cause” those who do worship and serve IT to “kill” those who don’t, just as was foretold by the prophets in the true versions of the Holy Bible! Most of you who’ll read this will NOT “understand” what is written here, and some will. Hopefully more people will come to realize just what is going on in these last days before the end of this age! May the Most High God, the Father of Jesus, The One and Only Savior of mankind, through the power of the Holy Spirit, help you to come to “understand” the Truth. I have done my part in warning you of what is to come, so my conscience is clear. That is all I can do.

  8. I used to think that the alternative news and information outlets on the Internet were better than the mainstream news outlets, but, sigh, not so. Commonality of thinking is greatly in evidence from both news and information sources. Both give out information based on the liberal humanist point of view. It is blatantly obvious that those who think this way are opposed to the “doctrine of Christ”. Doesn’t that make them antichrist? Whats even worse there are those within the liberal humanist “community”, actually liberal humanist Christians, who proclaim that THEY represent Christ’s teachings, but they are false teachers. It is written, “For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will lead many astray.” So it is! Yes, the deception is great!

    • Brother you have spoken a truth. I would submit to you that Narrow it The Way and Few will find it. In contrast Broad is the Way and most travel down This Way. I believe your assessment is accurate, there is A Way that seems right to Mankind and the end thereof will lead to death eternally. I would submit to you that one day it will be said “Is this The One who deceived The Whole World. “Ecc 12:13 Let us hearH8085 the conclusionH5490 of the wholeH3605 matter:H1697 FearH3372 (H853) God,H430 and keepH8104 his commandments:H4687 forH3588 thisH2088 is the wholeH3605 duty of man.H120”.

  9. Demonizers demonizing demonizers? How can that be? An evil spirit is at work in this world! It desires that political Israel and the Moslem Arabic nations destroy each other in a 3rd world war. Given all the talk of an impending strike by Israel on Iran’s alledged nuclear weapons development sites, and the extensive military buildup in that region of the world, this is very likely to occur, and soon.

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