Congress Paves Way for Unmanned Drones in U.S. Commercial Airspace

Time | Feb 8, 2012

By Keith Wagstaff

Ready to see drones flying over your house? A new bill passed by Congress will give commercial, private and military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) greatly increased access to U.S. airspace that’s currently reserved only for manned planes.

Right now drones are mostly limited to the U.S.-Mexico border and military airspace, as well as use by around 300 public agencies located far away from cities and airports. That is now scheduled to change by September 30, 2015.


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  1. We’re already under constant surveillance and sousveillance. The creation of the Internet of Things will allow a whole new level of the same, but on a much more invasive and pervasive scale. The use of brain computer interfaces placed directly on humans will allow for 24/7/365 monitoring of not only location, but brain wave states. Feedback will be provided, either consciously or subconsciously, to further manipulate and control the population.

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