2 Comments on "Video – Anya Kamenetz on the ‘debt generation’"

  1. Lance
    Almighty God gave us a mind to use. Education is not necessarily evil. Yes man does pervert the knowledge garnered. Man does have arrogance and believes himself to be God. Yes… SOME MEN DO…NOT ALL.

    So what do you want to do about it? Persnally I will pray for those that they may receive the grace of God…receive Christ…and live their lives accordingly. I will know who they are by their fruits of love…joy…and PEACE.

    My job is NOT to root out the antichrist in others. I need to root out the antichrist…whatever is antichrist…in myself. The TRUTH is that I am POWERLESS to do that . Only through the cleansing Blood of the Lamb will it be done. His will…NOT mine.

  2. Understood this a long time ago. Nothing new. The intent of those who control the education system is to get people to compete in a global competition, to “tap the genius of the beast” in order to attempt to come up with the best innovations and solutions to attempt solve all problems related to the human condition (mortal) and human nature (corrupt). You’re headed the wrong way if you’re with them!

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