Breitbart’s Footage Shows Obama ‘Palling Around’ With Terrorists

Infowars | March 2, 2012

By Paul Joseph Watson

The footage that Andrew Breitbart planned to release just hours after his untimely death would have proven hugely damaging to President Obama’s re-election hopes, because it shows Obama fraternizing with Weather Underground terrorists whose goal it was to set up a Communist dictatorship inside the United States.

According to former FBI agent Larry Grathwohl, who was assigned to infiltrate the Weather Underground’s Central Committee, the organization run by Bill Ayers carried out bombings targeting the Pentagon, the State Department, as well as police stations and federal buildings, in an attempt to cause the United States government to collapse and open the door for Cuban, North Vietnamese, Chinese and Russian troops to occupy the country.

Grathwohl stated that Ayers and his group planned to deal with Americans who would try to resist this takeover by “establishing re-education centers in the south-west”. Asked what he would do with those who still refused to convert to communism, Ayers said that they would have to be “eliminated,” as in 25 million Americans would be killed in concentration camps.

Grathwohl points out that most of the people advocating this brutality had “graduate degrees from Columbia and other well known educational centers,” and relates the shock it was to listen to these people “figure out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people – and they were dead serious”.

Although Obama’s links with Bill Ayers and other radicals from the era has been well documented for years, after all it was Ayers who helped launch Obama’s political career, for him to be seen on video ‘palling’ around with terrorists who wanted to set up a brutal Communist dictatorship inside the United States would have represented a public relations nightmare going into the election.

In the aftermath of Breitbart’s death, it remains to be seen whether the footage will still be released, or if it is released whether it will carry anything like the same impact it would have generated if Breitbart had still been around to push it.

As we reported earlier, Breitbart himself made a chilling and prophetic statement when referring to the footage during an event in Washington DC three weeks ago when he told Lawrence Sinclair, “Wait til they see what happens March 1st.”

Breitbart had been teasing the release of the footage during speeches throughout last month, notably at CPAC where he told the audience, “I’ve got videos – this election we’re going to vet him,” adding that the video shows Obama meeting “a bunch of silver pony tails,” including Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

In another bizarre twist of irony, Breitbart himself actually had dinner with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn just last month. Breitbart’s friend Tucker Carlson “mischievously” won a bid on an auction to dine with the two radicals and invited Breitbart along. Breitbart called Ayers “a sociopath,” but also remarked that he was a great chef.

Given the fact that his death occurred just hours before the planned release of the Obama footage, the claim that Breitbart could have been the victim of a political assassination has dominated political discussion forums over the past 24 hours.

Radio talk show host Michael Savage added fuel to the fire during his broadcast yesterday when he floated the idea that the Obama administration could be behind Breitbart’s death.

“Given that we know what we have in the White House….are we allowed to ask the question….should there be an investigation,” asked Savage, adding that he had met privately with Breitbart twice and urged him to get security guards and not “walk alone at night in the street,” because of the danger he was putting himself in by so publicly attacking Obama.

“Do you think it’s possible that he was executed, assassinated by some nefarious forces in America – have we now become South America in the 1970′s where people start to disappear?,” asked Savage, speculating that Breitbart could have been surreptitiously injected with a substance that triggered a heart attack, or had an electronic device beamed at his chest.

Listen to the audio of Michael Savage below.


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  2. well i checked again and added more info in the search at and found the headline. but when i clicked, it took be me back to the homepage.

  3. speaking of breitbart, i had saved a link to a story at about the supremes court nullifying of the constitution on january 18, 2011. the link worked correctly for i added it to other blogs many times. now, since his death, the link only takes you to the home page and i can’t find the article through the sites internal search engine.

  4. Comment???

    Well my heart is just fine right now…I prefer to keep it beating.

    Besides the President can order my death if he deems that I am a threat to his Government. Just like he can order anyone elses death…

    Was Brietbart a threat to his Government? Then Obama was justified even if he ordered the asassielimination of the threat…wasn’t he?

    No one asked for his impeachment last year when he killed the Muslim…right?
    No Repukeacan nor Democrap asked that he be impeached or convicted for murder.

    Now the Repukeacans are asking for an investigation???

    Repukeacans and Democraps are just a bunch of HYPOCRITES.

    Murder is okay when it serves their Political Purpose.

    But murder becomes SHOCKING and IMMORAL when it does not.


    Get real… So what… A criminal occupies the White House. He is just like the criminal who preceded him and the criminal before the one named W.

    Oh my heart… It seems to be cramping up. It might be the big one…sooner than I think.

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