National Intel. Director in 2010: No more blabbing secrets to the media

Old-Thinker News | March 6, 2012

By Daniel Taylor

The sudden and unexpected death of Andrew Breitbart has sent ripples throughout the media world. It also highlights an era of paranoia in the Obama administration and various government agencies.

In the July-August edition of the Smithsonian magazine, an article titled “Leaks and the Law” discusses the crackdown of the Obama administration on government employees that threaten to disclose “sensitive information.” Despite the Obama campaign rhetoric praising whistleblowers as “patriots,” the administration has undertaken an ironfisted campaign against them.

In 2010, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper announced that there would be no more “blabbing secrets” to the media. He added that government employees should be “seen not heard.”

In 2009 a reported enemies list drawn up by the Obama administration was released by the Globe. As Aaron Dykes reports, several of the individuals named have indeed been subject to dirty tricks and various scandals. The outspoken individuals who would most likely be “blabbing secrets” handed to them by whistle blowers are the very ones who have been targeted.

Threats emanating from the federal government over leaked information appear to have done little to stop leaks from happening. In fact the opposite effect appears to be taking place. Under the Obama administration there have been record leaks coming from wikileaks. Alternative media outlets like have broken many key stories due to tips received from government employees.

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  1. Thanks for the reply and clarification , Lance . I have briefly studied the subject of the Freemasons, their infiltration by the illuminated ones under Weishaupt and agree that there was and still may be influence that is harmful . From my perspective , lucifer or satan is about as real as santa claus or the tooth fairy , so perhaps I have an advantage when considering some of the info, in that I don’t get emotionally involved in some of the more absurd beliefs. Even though I disagree with you on many points on this issue , I think that perhaps we can agree that there is presently deception ,as there was in the past and we should at least try to alert others of this fact .

    • That there is deception involved is obvious to some, but not all. When unquestionable evidence is put forth from sources involved in the deception people still refuse to accept it. The level of deception is enhanced by the technologies available to those most interested in maintaining the lies.

  2. Telling it like I understand it, as has been revealed to me. Whether you or anyone else agrees is resistance towards anyone elses desire to practice their religious beliefs? Hardly. As for me wanting to control others, thats a laugh! The government is a secular entity created by the Freemason’s. It supports all religions except the one true religion. The patriots adhere to the basic teachings of the freemason’s of whom I’ve already mentioned. Who the master’s of the highest degrees knowingly, and the lower degrees unknowingly, worship and serve was also mentioned. There are numerous sources of info to prove this written by them, of which I have several in possession. Whether you believe this, or not, well thats up to you now, isn’t it.

  3. Lance, I consider beliefs such as demons , spirits, devils , angels , ghosts or pink and purple flying bunny rabbits, to be ridiculous – they exist in the mind only.

    Perhaps in a sense, some freemasons and some religous people (Christian/Jewish/Muslim etc.. ) have similarities – believing in nonexistent things. How much of that is actually just a ritual and how much is really believed , I don’t know .

    Why the resistance towards allowing others to practice Their beliefs ? I may be incorrect , yet It really seems ( from your previous posts ) that you wish to control others .

    Whats your take on “our” government labeling patriots as enemies ?

  4. I guess your post was directed at me Lance, however I would strongly disagree that I am corrupt or a follower of some nonsensical supernatural demon .

    What’s your opinion on DC categorizing patriots as enemies – as is implied in the article above ?

    • Demon’s are “nonsensical”? Many high ranking Freemason’s, who formed this government and created DC, have openly stated in their writings and books that they worship and serve the head of the archdaemon’s, Lucifer.

  5. Perhaps the “whistleblowers” have been rounded up for a couple of millennia. Ones that were trying to remind people that Jesus wasn’t really a man at all – only a fabricated allegory and perhaps even a mushroom 🙂

    The result was 20+ centuries of state sponsored theocratic control…..

    While I’m not sure if ALL the “founding fathers” were deists , it does seem like a good idea to at least recognise that occasionally every one has had a different opinion from the “collective”.

    • It was said long ago by the apostles of Jesus that the “spirit of antichrist” would rise up in the latter days. So, is it the latter days? From the responses I see and hear it appears so. As for humans having different opinions in their “collective”, they may have, but basic human nature, the way that humans reason and think, is the same as it ever was, fallen and corrupt. Only one Way to change that, but a vast majority reject this Way, including yourself it appears. A non-theocratic control system seems to be what many people desire, but it won’t work any better than any other type of control system. The same old sins, now wrapped in the wonders of electronic technologies, will consume the consumers.

  6. There are two distinct lines of the “Bible”. One started in Antioch, Syria, which was where the term “Christian” was first used to describe those born anew through Christ. The other started in Alexandria, Egypt, which was described as the “Iron Furnace”. The Alexandrian Jews were very much opposed to Jesus, The Christ’s, teachings and introduced much destructive heresy. They also persecuted many of the early Christians, putting them in prison, making them slaves, and executing many of them. The Jews in Judea, some not all, were opposed to the teachings of Christ as well. This is well documented in various texts. One can be a Jew and be born anew, and become a Christian, but one cannot be a Jew and practice Judaism, for this religion is definitely not supportive of the doctrine of Christ.

  7. This is nothing compared to what we are likely to see (and/or not see) in the very near future, as our completely corrupt government has legalized government led assassinations and kidnapping. These will be top-secret/classified actions, so the public will not know or be able to find out about them.

    You will simply disappear or you will be killed walking down the street, and know one will know about it.

    It’s part of the “Hope and Change” Obama promised!

    • potbellied pig | March 21, 2012 at 3:56 pm |

      o”ur completely corrupt government has legalized government led assassinations and kidnapping” is clearly a Christian Nation!

      • That America was NOT formed as a “Christian Nation” is obvious to those who’ve done their homework. On a Christian radio program the other day a caller came on and pointed this out, quoting various documents to prove this point, and the radio shows alledgedly Christian host had no response! This nation was formed by high level Freemason’s, humanists and deists, educated in the teachings of the “Enlightenment” period. They were prominent members of their communities and their churches. They taught humanism and humanitarianism as their “religion”, not the true Christian religion.

  8. Yes, and I might add.

    1/ The first act of our new Congress , the very first act HR.1, was to appoint a Minister to read from the bible to open and close each session of Congress. This law also required that money be taken from the US Treasure to pay the Ministers salary.

    2/ The USA was officially declared Christian nation in 1872 by the US Supreme Court. In the case of Trinity vs. the United States. Unanimous decision, Justice Brewer writing for the group , in summary said that after a review of 87 official US Government documents and treaties and many more they reviewed but did not mention concluded………………………. The United States is a Christian Nation.

    Russia Discloses The Iran Ultimatum: Cooperate Or Be Invaded By Year End
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/14/2012 09:44 -0400


    In what can only be seen as raising the rhetoric bar on the timing, scale, and seriousness of the Iran ‘situation’, Kommersant is reporting that “Tehran has one last chance” as US Secretary of State Clinton asks her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov to relay the message to Iranian leaders. If this ‘last chance’ is wasted an attack will happen in months as diplomats noted that the probability of an Israel/US attack on Iran is now a specific ‘when’ instead of an indefinite ‘if’. The sentiment is best summarized by a quote from inside the meeting “The invasion will happen before year’s end. The Israelis are de facto blackmailing Obama. They’ve put him in this interesting position – either he supports the war or loses the support of the Jewish

    • Protestant “Christianity” is rife with enlightenment “philosophes” and humanist “tradition”. The “judges” and lawyers are all well educated humanists as well. The founding father’s of America, as they are so often called, practised deism, a religion that denied divinity of the Savior, Jesus The Christ as the divine son of the Lord God, the fallen nature of man, original sin, and providential history. Deism is based on tolerance of all religions, which certainly the founders and the constitution they created supports. Yet, if one studies the words in the correct versions of the Holy Bible the prophets and Jesus did not support this at all. Furthermore, Jesus specifically said not to call any man “father” because you have “one Father” who is in Heaven. A false form of Christianity is practiced in America.

    • Perhaps you should read the book titled, The Humanist Tradition in the West, by Alan Bullock. In this book you will find that the teachings of liberal humanists from antiquity form the foundations of Western civilization. Those educated in this humanist tradition formed this nation. They were educated in the “humanities” in the liberal humanist universities. They were taught the seven liberal arts, which are taught in the liberal humanist public education system of today. Humanist tradition and doctrine forms the basis of “Protestant” Christianity, which was the dominant during the earliest years of this nation. Protestant humanists taught that man was morally autonomous, that man was naturally good, that man is the master of his own destiny, and as such should have the right to determine their own future, independently, acting as the supreme authority. Certainly, if one reads the Holy Bible, the results and consequences of this rebellious attitude towards the true Supreme Authority, the Lord God, the Father of Jesus The Christ, are very well documented in both the old and new testaments. The first generation of Americans, namely Jefferson, Adams, Washington, Franklin, and Hamilton, were well educated in the liberal humanist tradition and philosophies handed down from the “Enlightenment” era. To say that the US was, or now is, a “Christian Nation” is to believe a lie!

  9. Jeff…you didn’t go far enough. Lance, the founding fathers of the American Revolution and the U.S. Constitution lived in a day where spirituality and religion was a given. They didn’t have to say “Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit” in the Declaration in addition to the Father God because it was understood by the population at the time. Also, America was founded by Protestants fleeing religious persecution from Catholic (rule by the king and the Pope) and Anglican (rule by a king and an Archbishop) forces in England and Europe, even as some of the Colonies had Catholics and Anglicans. Thus the writers of the Declaration and Constitution wanted to establish a God-fearing but not theocratic form of government where the common man did not have to pay allegiance to a monarch as well as a Pope who stood between him and God. Protestants declared no man stood between them and the Trinity, and that men could live free of autocratic rule, but putting that into paper while allowing religious freedom to all was difficult. In England/Europe, if you didn’t like the Church and spoke out against it, you could be tortured to death. In the Colonies, you just got kicked out of town and told to move elsewhere in the wilderness. The founding fathers knew law and order came from Judea-Christian divine law – the Bible. They just didn’t want someone forcing a singular interpretation upon others, and tried to generalize the Trinity within the Declaration and Constitution.

    • Have done extensive research into what you claim, and its you who’re deceived, or you’re a deceiver. The founding fathers were liberal humanists and deists, NOT CHRISTIAN’S! Perhaps you should pick up a copy of The Humanist Tradition in the West, in which the TRUTH is told about the origins of western civilizations humanist traditions, which the founding fathers and the Protestants strongly supported. Its funny how those who hold to these traditions, especially the Judaised Christian “constitutionalists”, act very much like the the Catholic’s did in jolly old England who imprisoned and killed those who didn’t agree with them!

  10. Lance….. You are dead wrong. The writers and framers of the Constitution were not humanists as you imply. They understood exactly who they were and what the role of government is. They framed the document that later generations would come to understand that there is a higher authority than the institutions of men. Hence your unalienable rights. Rights neither given by decree or taken from men by law. Governments are not to be vehicles of an agenda but rather a tool at ones disposal to secure our unalienable rights. Tacitus in The Annals of Imperial Rome said, “the more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”

    • Am not implying that they were humanists. They WERE HUMANISTS! The documents you site which were created by them established the “the people” as the highest authority! Perhaps you should read up on the definition of the word “democracy”. In a “democracy”, any “democracy”, be it a direct “democracy”, or a representative “democracy”, or a republic based “democracy”, the power of the people is deemed to be the “highest authority”!

  11. The constitution is a secular humanist document. Its creators were well educated humanists of the highest degree. Any true Christian should understand that humanism and Christianity are opposites! Humanists certainly understand this!

    • potbellied pig | March 21, 2012 at 3:47 pm |

      Simply read Benjamin Franklin’s letters, and those of Thomas Jefferson. They were clearly NOT Christians.

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