Scientists Warn of Ethical Battle Concerning Military Mind Control

Chicago Tribune | March 21, 2012

By Jason Koebler

A future of brain-controlled tanks, automated attack drones and mind-reading interrogation techniques may arrive sooner than later, but advances in neuroscience that will usher in a new era of combat come with tough ethical implications for both the military and scientists responsible for the technology, according to one of the country’s leading bioethicists.

“Everybody agrees that conflict will be changed as new technologies are coming on,” says Jonathan Moreno, author of Mind Wars: Brain Science and the Military in the 21st Century. “But nobody knows where that technology is going.”

Moreno warns in an essay published in the science journal PLoS Biology Tuesday that the military’s interest in neuroscience advancements “generates a tension in its relationship with science.”

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2 Comments on "Scientists Warn of Ethical Battle Concerning Military Mind Control"

  1. After reading the full article it is apparent that the writer is not outright saying these new technologies shouldn’t be used, but is, as usual, just raising “concerns”! Same ole song and dance! There is so much more to this than at first glance. The computer system used for “neuromodulation” will allow for direct nerual input and CONTROL of the human brain integrated into it! Communciations will be done audibly or inaudibly, consciously or unconsciously! Perceptions will be “monitored” and “maintained” by an artificial intelligence! What a person sees, hears, tastes, smells, and feels may, or may not be, REALITY! Don’t you people get it? They want to create a real cyberspace MATRIX and put you in it, permanently!

  2. Scientists, especially those working for the military, have always conducted “unethical” experiments on animals, plants, the environment, and humans. They consider the research they do and what they do to be outside ethical considerations. Numerous experiments have been conducted on people without their knowledge by government/military agencies in the past, and the documentation is readily available on the Internet to prove it. Theres always someone who raises concerns about the “ethics” of what they are doing, but does this stop them from doing it? Nope. They often conduct these “unethical”, in most peoples minds, activities covertly. Electronic manipulation of the mind, especially of the enemy, by various governments/militaries, not just the US, has been underway for some time, which is also documented in various sources.

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