AI surveillance cameras can learn, remember … and forget

Government Computer News | August 31, 2012

By John Breeden II

A few years ago at the FOSE trade show in downtown D.C., I was able to get a look at some neat new technology where artificial intelligence was being added to cameras designed to protect federal installations.

Back then the cameras were not too terribly smart. They could do simple things like monitor one-way traffic in a hallway and then alert users if someone walked in the wrong direction. Or they could be set up so if they were monitoring a no-parking zone, they would alert security if someone put a vehicle there.

Things have changed. To protect the recent Republican National Convention in Tampa, the city spent $2 million to install highly intelligent behavior recognition cameras  in 30 locations downtown and near the convention center. BRS Labs, which makes the AISight  cameras, says the latest models are leagues ahead of where they were back when I first saw them.