John Lloyd: The Alternative Media is Already Doing it

Old-Thinker News | January 22, 2013

By Daniel Taylor

John Lloyd, co-founder of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, published a column today edifying the media to be “less concerned with the present.” Instead, he says, journalists should focus on long term issues that will have an impact on everyone in the near future.

The alternative media has been there for a long time. The problem is, we have been labeled as conspiracy theorists and fear mongers.

Lloyd has a list of issues that he would like to be addressed. Among others it includes:

– Ecological dangers, especially global warming.

– Terrorism and how it is developing.

– U.S. global hegemony giving way to multi-polarity and the uncertainty as to what world system (if any) will succeed it.

– Greater individual empowerment, which allows space for the exercise of greater initiative but also for less inhibited destructive behavior.

– Growing difficulties that governments at every level experience in providing authoritative leadership, especially in those areas where governments are not trusted.

– The breakdown or degradation of health, education and social welfare systems.

Maybe it is the way we approach your issues. We have warned that world government would be here for quite some time. We were ignored, but when your publication announces that world government is here, it is accepted. Perhaps you just don’t like our angle. If we praised your world government, would we be accepted into your fold? We have talked about global warming, but not likely in the context that you would like.

Old-Thinker News and many other alternative media websites have been striving to bring attention to extremely important long term issues for many years. Public health, advancing technology, and finding a foundation for the future have all fallen within our focus. We haven’t been perfect, and there are often mistakes made, but those of us with our hearts in the right place work for the truth; and it is our only agenda.

4 Comments on "John Lloyd: The Alternative Media is Already Doing it"

  1. Everything we deal with today is organised for control, control of how we think, what we think about, what freedoms we have. I totally agree with Daniel, we are missing the point, and once we wake up we will be able to see quite clearly those who are trying to improve humanity, and those trying to control it.

    • Know this reply is a little late, but it should be noted here that humanist and humanitarian goals have always been to “improve humanity” through the development of “human relations”, i.e., communications, as well as the development of human sciences and technologies. The truth is these developments, promising to “improve humanity”, are in fact, a GLOBAL CONTROL SYSTEM, and this is verified right in front of your face on this website! READ THE HEADLINES:

      Facebook users are helping to create artificial intelligence systems

      We are Being Pulled Into the Matrix Like Never Before

  2. Look up the definition of the word “humanitarian”. Online dictionaries don’t give the true definition, so look it up in an “old” printed-on-paper dictionary. By definition those who are “humanitarians”, those who practice “humanitarianism”, look to solve all human problems through their own efforts, without “divine grace”. They seek to solve the fallen “human condition” through the development of “human relations”. Those who think this way are the real “old thinkers”, for this “human way of thinking” has been around since the dawn of “civilization”!

  3. all they know was once called spin .but now many know its just masked sin -double speak -forked tongue way – but alas no doubt they speak um the language of there father -you know the father of lies – and they will go on to the last day -bla bla babylon blah !

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