Does Coming Euro Banknote Betray Hand Of The Illuminati?

Explosive Reports | Feb 12, 2013

By Jurriaan Maessen

Depiction of the mythical Europa on the latest European funny money appears to betray the guiding hand of the Illuminati.

Aside from the usual arches, bridges and gateways which are depicted on the current euro banknote, the next generation of banknotes will be enriched with the countenance of the mythical figure of Europa, looking out of a window. In November 2012 the European Central Bank announced her portrait is to adorn the new euro banknote which will be put in circulation from May 2013 onward. The ECB website gives a general description of the new banknote, noting that “the watermark and hologram display a portrait of Europa, a figure from Greek mythology”– and hence the name of this series of banknotes.” Europa’s face is displayed in a blinding array of blue-purple-green on one side of each banknote, with all kinds of security features embedded within its design to protect against counterfeiting. By the way: with all this talk of counterfeit-resistant technology embedded within the euro banknote- we can only laugh realizing after all that the banknote itself is counterfeit: funny money by any other name, designed for inflation an deflation purposes, depending on what the next move will be on the international monetary chessboard.

Europa, in Greek mythology, was a Phoenician princess who one day found herself abducted by Zeus (in the shape of a bull). The portrait itself was borrowed from an archeological artifact, where she is depicted on the bull’s back, helpless and beautiful.

“We chose Europa because these are euro-banknotes after all”, ECB President Mario Draghi states. “So is there any figure better than Europa to serve as the new face of the Euro?”

The future look of the instable currency was presented by the European banking elite in a distinctly ritualistic setting, complete with altar, priest and pagan symbolism. President Mario Draghi of the ECB revealed the euro’s future makeover to the international press together with the following propaganda piece:

Presented under the arch of an ancient, pagan-style temple, the European Central Bank launched the new euro-series in a manner reminiscent of ancient rites performed by ancient peoples.

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