Don’t Get Sick: Obama’s Health Insurance Premiums are Going Through the Roof

Townhall | Feb 20, 2013

By Donald Lambro

Brace yourselves for higher medical insurance costs that will hit young and old alike as a result of President Obama’s nationalized health-care mandates.

Younger, healthier people, many of whom voted for him in droves, will see their insurance premiums climb sharply as Obamacare demands that insurers provide them with more medical coverage than they want or need.

Older Americans and retirees are already seeing a steep rise in their insurance bills, too. And businesses great and small are either curtailing their employee health care plans or dropping them entirely in anticipation of rising costs.

Many seniors who have supplemental policy plans — that pay 20 percent of the medical bills Medicare does not — have seen their premiums rise this year.

In California, Blue Shield is seeking state approval to raise its premiums by up to 20 percent, saying that federal mandates under Obamacare was a factor in their request.

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  1. I’ve noticed something of late. I have an inflamed achellies tendon. Tore my left achellies tendon some years ago and had it repaired. Was 15 years younger then. Now, I’m almost 59, and I can’t get “authorized” by my healthcare insurerer to see a specialist about my right achellies tendon problem. Could be related to the lack of funds or the increased costs, or both. I don’t know.

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