Americans flocking to support Sen. Rand Paul for his tireless defense of the Constitution

NaturalNews | March 7, 2013

By Mike Adams

What kind of President refuses to say he will not kill Americans sitting in a cafe in Seattle, or walking down the street in Los Angeles, or driving a tractor on a farm in Texas? A President who respects no law and no rights of citizens as described in the Constitution.

That President, of course, is Barack Obama.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul took a stand against tyranny by enduring a long filibuster on the floor of the U.S. Senate. As of this writing, the filibuster is well over 10 hours long and running. In taking this opportunity to take a stand against tyranny, he showed the murderous intent of President Obama and the outright criminal attorney general known as “Mr. Fast & Furious” Eric Holder.



2 Comments on "Americans flocking to support Sen. Rand Paul for his tireless defense of the Constitution"

  1. If those of you who run this website, and others who come here, and those who monitor it, don’t know it yet, YOU and I are considered “cells” in the “global brain”. Any dysfunctional “cells”, that is those who see through the smoke and mirrors, are considered “potential” terrorists and possible targets for drone strikes. They won’t say this to your face, but thats the reality.
    “Small terrorist cells embracing rightwing extremist ideology are the most dangerous domestic terrorism threat to the United States…” so Janet Napalitano supposedly said in an interview not too long ago. Not to be outdone, rightwing sources also warn of “terrorists cells” in the US becoming an increasing threat. Then there are the “sleeper cells” just waiting to be “activated”. There are even websites that show “Terror Cell” locations and maps. Those who fit into the definition of a terrorist “cell” are those who espouse “anti-government” views, “extremists” of the “radical right-wing” or the “radical left-wing”, “lone-wolf” types, or “anarchists”. It should be noted that the “DHS/I&A assesses that lone wolves and small terrorist cells embracing violent rightwing extremist ideology are the most dangerous domestic terrorism threat in the United States.” It should be noted also that those who do not hold to the liberal humanist, humanitarian, and transhumanist “doctrine” of the global government/military/economic system, i.e., the “Global Community”, the “Global Brain”, are also considered possible terrorist “cells”. One last thing, does telling the TRUTH make the teller of the TRUTH a possible terrorist?

  2. Now that one of the reasons for developing the Internet is being openly acknowledged, in that it is a surveillance mechanism for the global government/military/economic beaurocracy, it should come as no surprise that drone strikes on US soil will become a reality. May already be secretly going on. Instead of using the legal system to determine a persons guilt or innocence, the automated information gathering system called the Internet, comprised of all the electronic information gathering devices and sensors, provides detailed information to those who operate the UAV’s in order to determine when and where a drone “strike” on a US citizen should take place. No need for a courtroom trial. Autonomous UAV’s will make the decision to “strike” a target “cell” in the “global brain” on their own, having access to all the information on any particular person, without the need for human control. Its not science fiction anymore.

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