Facebook users are helping to create artificial intelligence systems

Old-Thinker News | March 12, 2013

By Daniel Taylor

Recent news that Facebook can be used to predict user’s IQ, sexual orientation, and political affiliation is raising eyebrows. The media is not, however, telling the whole story.

Facebook users are in fact helping to create artificial intelligence systems when they share their information online. These self learning systems are expanding more every day as more information is posted. The CEO of Digital Sky Technologies, a Russian venture capital company, invested heavily in Facebook in 2010, saying that it would be “…one of the early platforms for artificial intelligence sometime in the next 10 years.”

Additionally, Facebook’s co-founder Dustin Moskovitz is attempting to “replicate the human brain.” His startup company Vicarious is leading the initiative, which hopes to develop software that “thinks like a human.”

Are most facebook users aware of these projects? Probably not. Would they mind if their personal information was being used to create advanced AI systems? If it offers them unlimited convenience and is able to know exactly what to offer you for a good night out, who wouldn’t mind? The question is, who else has access to this data?

It turns out that the NSA has been developing – and are likely now actively using -what whistleblowers have called “HAL”. It is an artificial intelligence that taps into phone calls, cell phone geolocation, emails, and you guessed it; Facebook.

This video presents a scenario in which facebook succeeds in creating such an AI system (subtitled in English):



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  1. ..if we would apply more prudence….

  2. “…the implications of living in smartworlds – smart grids, smart infrastructure, smart homes, smart cars, smart fridges…smart people.”

    “The environment around us is becoming “smarter”. Soon there will be a camera in nearly every streetlight to do better occupancy sensing and ultimately a camera in every light fixture. Many appliances and everyday products such as automatic flush toilets, faucets, and sensor-operated showers are starting to use more sophisticated camera-based computer-vision technologies.”

    “In a world of smart things like smart lights, smart toilets, smart grids, smart meters, smart roads, and the like, what happens when you have “smart people” (i.e. put sensors on people)?”


    • What, no comments? Afraid of something? In the true versions of the Holy Scriptures, in Revelation 13, it is stated that some type of “mark” is to be put “on” people without which they will not be able to “buy or sell”. Not coincedentally there are “many” who are pushing the development of electronic technologies to “put sensors on people”, and they are, in fact, doing so right now. Just watch the business news channels.

  3. A most informative website that deals with humanist scientific and technologic advances is kurzweilAI.net. On this website one can find some of the latest “innovations”. For instance, developments in “cognitive computing” (what was once called artificial intelligence) are discussed. Also discussed is the creation of “digital screen characters”, very human like digital faces. If these two technologies are put together the creation of the “image of the beast” will become reality because “it” is learning how to think based on “its” input from carnal human beings.

  4. the mirror sees 7 ways ya see and they also reflecting – but colonizers make up the toes and feet of clay and iron -who may never know the sacred direction 8 -for fear of nine will come soon in time just like a thief in the night , crushing it all… then the winds come play to blow the dust away to be remembered no more

  5. Its not just Facebook which is being used to create artificial intellilgence systems. All the social networking websites listed at the top of this page are involved. In fact, if you’re using any electronic communing device “it” is learning from all human interaction. “It” is, in fact, also providing feedback to all users through these same devices. Since “it” is learning from carnal human beings makes perfect sense that “it” will look at everything from the “human point of view”. This being the case, and it is, how might “it” react to threats to “its” survival? How humans react gives you a good indication of how “it” will react. Many computer scientists involved in the development of artificial intelligence systems are very concerned about this because once the “Rubicon” is crossed, theres no turning back!

  6. Would it be considered an “abomination” to the GOD who already exists to create an artificial intelligence to act as an anthropomorphic “image” of a “god”? Could it be that by setting up an anthropomorphic “image for the beast” to act in a “godlike” manner that this is the much written of “abomination that makes desolate”?

  7. abinico warez | March 14, 2013 at 11:14 pm |

    Like as if Facebook users have any idea what real intelligence is let alone the artificial type.

  8. oh my the rushkies say – they see the plan that’s been made and zuckerburg did not invent a thing -just his personality to fit to deceive the cultural( the word really is cult you all)yeah the world wide cult of you all pretending to be as god -ha ha – with his buddy mr. gates and the good ole boy sam walton ; play actors in the grand deception- but what if a part in the whole machine of knowing it all, is made in china and defective – it might get a mortal wound,and, or cause Armageddon …

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