Police Want Traffic Cameras Used for Wider Surveillance

reason.com | March 27, 2013

Police in Oregon and Washington want to expand the reach of red light cameras to catch the really bad guys – murderers, child abductors, armed robbers.

Both state legislatures are considering proposals that would eliminate provisions in the state laws that keep police from using the cameras for anything but red light running.

Police say they just want to use it to catch felons.

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3 Comments on "Police Want Traffic Cameras Used for Wider Surveillance"

  1. For those too stupid to understand what is really going on, the plans is to put surveillance cameras and sensors in every streetlight, in every appliance, in every shower head, in every “thing” in order to know how many occupants there are in any given building in an urban environment. Eventually they want to put sensors “on” you so that they can monitor and track you anytime, anywhere. You like the thought of the “governing authority” being able to look at or listen to you in your private shower?

  2. Don’t they call this “mission creep”? You all had to know that this was coming. Quit playing stupid!

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