15 year old girl, kidnapped by German police, given psychiatric evaluation for being home schooled

Xrepublic | April 15, 2013

Comment from Old-Thinker News: The modern schooling system derives much of its current state from its Prussian roots. Children are treated as empty vessels – rather than human beings with rich souls to be nurtured to their full potential – that need to be filled with the “right way” of thinking and doing. Under a despotic regime, deviation from this “right way” is punished severely. This story from 2010 is a reminder of the pain that absolute government inflicts on innocent people.

This CBN news footage in Erlangen, Germany shows how oppressive a regime could become when government has the authority to remove children from home. In the Bavarian town of Erlangen, Germany, 15-year old Christian girl Melissa Busekros was taken from her parents in a SWAT-style police raid. German officials consider her family dangerous because her parents home school their daughter. She was placed in state foster “care” and allowed to see her parents for an hour a week.

She was diagnosed of school phobia by state-paid shrink, declared mentally ill and locked in an asylum because she opposed the government’s policies and believed in God. The German government denied that she was removed because she was home schooled by her parents, but because of her strong family tie and obedience of her father who authorities considered insane.