Obama Blames Violence in Mexico on America’s Lust for Drugs, Guns

The Blaze | May 3, 2013

Comment from Old-Thinker News: The gall of the federal government to openly blame the American people for Mexican drug cartel violence is nothing short of astounding. However, we can’t say that we didn’t see this coming. CBS news confirmed in 2011 that operation Fast and Furious (which allowed guns to be given to known Mexican drug dealers) was intended by the ATF to push for tighter gun control in the U.S.

Speaking in Mexico on Friday, President Barack Obama blamed U.S. gun manufactures for the violence in the country, adding that much of it stems from the American demand for illegal drugs.

“Much of the root cause for violence that has been happening here in Mexico, for which so many Mexicans have suffered, is the demand for illegal drugs in the United States,” Obama said during a speech at Mexico’s Anthropology Museum

He then turned his attention to U.S. gun owners and gun control.

“Most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States,” Obama said. “I think many of you know that in America, our Constitution guarantees our individual right to bear arms. And as president, I swore an oath to uphold that right, and I always will.”

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