Can Facebook lead to psychosis? One study says so

CNET | May 4, 2013

By Chris Matyszczyk

Comment from Old-Thinker News: The author of this article makes a striking statement: “I have a feeling that what is now described as psychotic and delusional will soon be seen as the normal state of human affairs.” I have to agree with him. It is becoming increasingly politically correct to embrace abhorrent human behavior. Individuals are “not to be judged” for their “personal preferences.” A shift is occurring away from “live and let live” to “you will let me live the way I want and you will like it.”

Sometimes, normal humans take a liking to clinical terms and adopt them.

You go out on a date, and when your friends ask how it went you reply: “Oh, she’s psychotic.” Or perhaps: “He’s delusional.”

The justifications for such adjectives being used might be simple.

In the former case, the lady might have asked, just as the main course plates were cleared away, where the gentleman thought the relationship was going. This was after having described the details of her previous 17 relationships.

In the latter case, the gentleman might have talked about himself throughout the meal and offered mathematical details about his mental and physical prowess.

However, when these words are used in a clinical context, they have more precise definitions.

Which is why I have been moved to contemplation on hearing news of research from Israel. It declared that Facebook and its ilk can move the vulnerable (which might mean anyone) in the direction of psychosis and delusion.

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  1. they sink to all times lows ,with nothing inside to grow, just parroting what is said and read by experts in the field ya know, but when in bed at night with plugged in machine to their heads they dreamed of not sugar plums in there heads but saw a black xmass,and sung the tune well and all what to buy with a mark on their hands and dull in the eyes ….

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