Alternative media forcing real issues into national news coverage | May 25, 2013

By Jeffrey Phelps

Rachel Maddow’s continued coverage of Alex Jones and the weather weapons issue is further proof the so-called “alternative” media is winning the info-war.

It used to be so easy for the national media to pretend government conspiracies, in large part, didn’t exist. Even when the vast amount of high-level conspiracies, that have occurred throughout the years, played out in front of news audiences in the US, on a routine bases, skilled teleprompter programmers and those who read the teleprompters in front of the public, like Rachel Maddow, or her (alleged opposite) counterpart Bill O’Reilly and their predecessors, were somehow able to fool the masses into believing they were all generally anomalies that almost never occurred, or didn’t occur at all.

The same way Americans in the early 1900s would have never expected the government to give private banking families control over the US economy and allow them to slowly steal all the wealth through the implementation of the Fed and the dollar, is the same way they would have never imagined the government would have had prior knowledge, yet still allow the attack on Pearl Harbor to occur, or pull off a false flag attack in the Gulf of Tonkin, as excuses for war.

People in the US have, in large part, long suffered from the “it can’t happen here” syndrome, largely thanks to newscasters and those who read the copy, which has allowed people in positions of authority to get away with far more than they ever should have throughout the years.

Prior to the age of the widespread internet, that even some of the poorest in America and around the world now have regular access to, it was much easier to make the public at large assume, through careful use of language and the way in which the news was structured, politicians and the types of individuals seeking power were generally the types of people one could trust, even with the most sensitive aspects of the constitution and the rule of law.

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  1. Who created the constitution and set up the “rule of law” in this world, the spirit within man, or the Spirit of God? Anyone with discernment can see that man’s laws are opposed to the Laws of God.

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