The Future of Bionic Humans: What’s Next in Bio-Hacking?

Live Science | June 18, 2013

By Jim McLauchlin

James Rollins has one foot planted firmly in science, the other in the unknown.

Rollins has his doctorate in veterinary medicine, but when the bestselling author sits down to write, his signature is creating works grounded in history and scientific plausibility, yet still shrouded in mysticism — Think Michael Crichton by way of Dan Brown.

In his newest novel, “The Eye of God” (William Morrow, June 25, 2013), a high-tech satellite crashes to Earth, creating a wrinkle in space-time. The satellite’s final image is a time-displaced snapshot showing the entire U.S. East Coast in smoldering ruin. It’s a tragedy that will happen … in four days.

The frantic quest to avert the tragedy leads multiple teams of DARPA’s SIGMA agents through the triads of Macau, underneath the Aral Sea, and into possession of the skull of Genghis Khan.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The book also explores the shady world of bio-hacking, a real movement that merges biology and the hacker mindset with outcomes ranging from cyborglike humans and “superhero” implants to genetic experiments carried out in garages. Rollins shares his thoughts on bio-hacking and what tomorrow will look like. Get ready for a posthuman future.

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