Is the Paula Deen Fiasco a Deliberate Attempt to Divide us?

Old-Thinker News | June 30, 2013

By Daniel Taylor

The timing couldn’t be better to create more division in the United States of America. A trifecta of divisive issues have sprung into the consciousness of the nation. The LGBT “civil rights” campaign, the Trayvon Martin case, and now Paula Deen’s racist comments are in the focus of mainstream media.

Meanwhile, the NSA scandal continues. But is it as interesting for the general public as Paula Deen’s fall from fame?dees-art

The Martin case has been divisive from the beginning. NBC News was caught editing the 911 calls of George Zimmerman, the man accused of murdering Trayvon Martin. The call was edited in a way that portrayed Zimmerman as racist. NBC later fired the producer who edited the call. President Obama further stoked flames of racial tension when he told the press that “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” Ex Chicago cop Paul Huebl said recently that if Zimmerman is aquitted of his charges, race riots will be sparked across the country that will “dwarf the Rodney King and the Martin Luther King riots.”

Is it possible that the Paula Deen scandal was deliberately pushed by the establishment to fan the flames of division and racial tension? The federal court case in which Deen admitted to using racial slurs “sometime in the past” went under the radar with a few headlines early last year. This Hollywood Reporter article is dated for March 6, 2012. Now, Paula Deen’s use of the “N” word more than 10 years ago has suddenly been brought to light by the National Enquierer at an opportune moment. Since when do tabloid stories make headlines across the mainstream news? Something smells fishy.

Given the current political atmosphere of spying scandals and growing mistrust of government, this incident takes on a suspicious tone. The people have begun to unify under the banner of smaller government and individual liberty. What we are seeing is an age old tactic. Divide the people and you will conquer them.