UK government bans GMOs from its own Parliament restaurants while telling public to embrace genetic poisons

Natural News | June 29, 2013

By Jonathan Benson

Since the mid-to-late 1990s when genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) were  first being thrust onto the market by governments working in lockstep with the  biotechnology industry, the U.K. Parliament has effectively barred their use in  all food items served to government officials at Parliament restaurants,  according to new reports. This, despite the fact that prominent elected  officials in the U.K. are right now pushing GMOs on a public that is largely  opposed to them, effectively shining the spotlight on their own insane hypocrisy  with regards to the GMO issue.

As recently reported by the U.K.’s Daily Mail, news of the Parliament’s ban on GMOs at its own restaurants  comes amid the procurement of a massive pro-GMO propaganda campaign being led by  this very same Parliament against the interests of its own people. Biotech  industry hacks like Conservative Secretary of State for the Environment Owen  Paterson, for instance, who actually claims GMOs are safer than non-GMOs,  is currently pushing for more GMO acceptance in his country even though he does  not eat GMOs himself.

Paterson, who regularly dines on only the highest  quality non-GMO fare at fancy Parliament restaurants like the Portcullis House  and the Pavilion buffet, is quoted as blaming starvation in third world  countries on widespread rejection of GMOs in the U.K. and elsewhere. Resistance  to GM “Golden Rice,” for instance, is apparently the reason why millions of  children have gone blind or died, according to Paterson, whose vehement advocacy  of GMOs borders on  maniacal.

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