Cancer-free woman undergoes chemotherapy after false diagnosis

KHOU | July 16, 2013

By Drew Karedes

A 54-year-old Victoria woman is trying to find sense in a life-changing diagnosis that never should have happened.

Herlinda Garcia said she became “a whole different person” after she was diagnosed with Stage IV terminal Breast Cancer.

That diagnosis came after Garcia had a benign tumor removed from her left breast.

“When you’re told you have stage four terminal cancer, that’s it,” Garcia said. “I put trust in the doctor.”

Garcia underwent eight rounds of chemotherapy for seven months. She recalls her physical health deteriorating and her mental health crumbling.

“Everything was swollen. I lost my eyebrows, my eyelashes,” Garcia said. “It’s really hard. I can’t explain how I felt. It’s like I was in a dream.”

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