Media: We Now Live In Post Constitutional America

Infowars | August 7, 2013

By Anthony Gucciardi

Has the very notion that we still have the Constitution and Bill of Rights as a legal basis now laughable? Media reports have begun addressing our society as ‘post-constitutional America’, and perhaps they’re tragically correct.

In the entire history of the nation, and in what should include today, the Constitution has stood as the indisputable law of the land. And in the eyes of those who understand how true liberty and true tyranny work, it certainly still should be. But in the eyes of those who wish to dismantle it in order to further the takeover and control of the United States public, the Constitution is now nothing more than a piece of paper standing in the way of their incessant absorption of power.


I’m talking about the sociopaths that head up the Department of Homeland Security, which goes way beyond simply ignoring the Constitution. The worthless, expensive, and damaging agency behind the TSA now openly challenges the Constitution’s authority and the very founding principals of the United States with its own regulations. No longer are these government agencies in a ‘cold war’ of sorts against the Constitution and civil liberties, in fact, but an openly hot one that is increasing like never before.

Specifically, I’m talking about the DHS creation of literal ‘Constitution free zones’, in which the agency stands above the Constitution in authority and declares that the Bill of Rights does not exist for over 197 million within this nation. We’re talking about searches with no suspicion or warrants that essentially burn the Fourth Amendment.

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