Syrian Letter Pleads With US Not To Attack

Sky News | September 5, 2013

Comment From Old-Thinker News: On page 4 of the letter an important question is raised; “…what is the benefit of the Syrian Government to commit a chemical attack crime during the visit of the U.N Commission… within less than 4 miles from the Commission residence at Four Seasons Hotel?!

The Syrian government has written to US Congress, warning members against supporting “irresponsible, reckless action” that it claims will injure innocent civilians.

The letter, seen by Sky News, urges Congress to “communicate with us through civilised dialogue rather than the language of fire and blood”.

It was sent just days before members are due to vote on whether to approve the use of military force in Syria.

The US holds Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s regime responsible for a chemical attack last month, in which it estimates more than 1,400 people were killed.

“We write to you as fathers and mothers, as members of families and communities which really are not so different to yours,” the Syrian letter states.

“Moreover, we write to you as human beings asking: if you bomb us, shall we not bleed? Innocent people will be harmed.”

The five-page letter, which references quotes from former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, claims an attack could trigger a “bloody, destructive, catastrophic” conflict.

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