Obama Asks Celebs to Tweet About Obamacare

TIME | October 2, 2013

By Katy Steinmetz

The Obama administration hasn’t just embraced social media — they’re in the middle of giving it a big, long bear hug. The president’s outreach team took to Facebook and Twitter to fight (and win) their election battle in 2012, and they’ve returned to that turf this week, asking influential supporters to promote Obamacare using the hashtag #GetCovered.

The exchanges set up under the law — marketplaces where the uninsured or employers go to buy coverage — opened Tuesday, and it makes sense that Obama’s people would promote them regardless of D.C.’s infighting. But given that the Affordable Care Act is the rope in current budget tug-of-war, the social media blitz promoting the law takes on more importance.

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