Sunday April 20th 2014

Tech gadgets can cause real health problems

WTOP | October 29, 2013

By Joan Jones

If your iOS 7 iPhone or iPad give you migraines or nausea, it may not be your imagination. It’s just one consequence of living in a hi-tech world.

“That has totally happened to me,” says CNET’s Dan Ackerman.

He says that Apple has issued a fix after users complained that the mobile operating system was making them queasy. But you’re own your own for phantom-vibration syndrome, Ackerman says.

“You think that your phone is buzzing and you hear any little sound and you think…oh, is that my phone, is that my phone?” he says.

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  • Lanny says:

    Human “progress” has always led to an increase in problems. The evidence to support this statement is everywhere apparent. For example, nuclear power was supposed to be the answer to all of humanities electrical energy needs, yet look at what has happened since the dawn of the “nuclear age”. Nuclear power plants have suffered catastrophic failures, even exploding and released tons of radioactive materials into the environment. America’s nuclear weapons testing poisoned the entire world with radioactive particulates. Nuclear waste storage facilities have leaked out yet more radioactive substances. At present, there are tons of radioactive waste materials that are stored in various locations all over the world. Depleted uranium was made into bullets and tank rounds that were used in the Iraq war, and as a result many people were exposed to the tiny fragments caused when these rounds disintegrated after killing people on the battlefield. Satellites carrying small nuclear reactors are circling the earth, and some of them have crashed on earth. As a result the chances of getting a cancer related illness has increased from nearly non-existent, to a 1 in 3 chance. I could go on and on. In case you haven’t realized it yet, this problem caused by man’s “progress”, and all the other problems being caused as man “moves forward”, is resulting in a bottomless pit of problems that will not be overcome.

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