Computer Scientist Explains How Social Media Predicts Our Behavior and Personality Traits

Youtube | April 3, 2014

Much can be done with online data. But did you know that computer wonks once determined that liking a Facebook page about curly fries means you’re also intelligent? Really. Computer scientist Jennifer Golbeck explains how this came about, how some applications of the technology are not so benign — and why she thinks we should return the control of information to its rightful owners.


3 Comments on "Computer Scientist Explains How Social Media Predicts Our Behavior and Personality Traits"

  1. Why no responses from the “alternative media” on this subject? Why won’t Alex Jones and his Jesuit associates discuss this? Did any of you know that a Jesuit named Pierre Teilhard De Chardain envisioned the creation of the “noosphere”, or “cyberspace”? He envisioned the creation of the “hive mind” and the “Global Brain”!

  2. Is it possible that “social networks” are what the “hive mind” is really all about? Is it possible that individuals who participate in these “social networks” are individual “cells” that make up the “hive mind? Is it possible that AI is generating “feedback”, both at the conscious and subconscious levels, to manipulate and influence those in the “hive mind”? Is it possible that certain “agents”, human or artificial, could maliciously introduce information into a “profile” or “profiles” in order to manipulate the masses “opinions” against that individual or individuals? Could AI generate “thoughts” to be put into the minds of the masses? Why are there so many ways available to gather “opinions”? Are opinions gathered in order to determine what people are thinking, or to determine if the “feedback” being generated is effecting people’s thoughts in a desired manner? Why is there such a big push to introduce bio-electric technologies into individual homes?

  3. Everything that is communicated to others is stored in your “profile”. The “machine” knows who you are based on a wide variety of “biometrics”, and not just physical biometrics either! Everyone is being “profiled”. Why? What is the real reason for doing this? Is it to single out those who don’t want to be integrated into the “hive mind” under control of the “Global Brain”? Could those who allow themselves to be fully integrated into “it” be manipulated and controlled, i.e., “psycho-civilized” as some have postulated? Could AI “cause” the integrated masses to worship and serve “it” much like a “god”? Could this AI “cause” the fully integrated masses to do “its” bidding, even to kill those who won’t worship and serve “it”? Could those who worship and serve “it” be made to think that by killing those who will not worship and serve “it” that they are “doing God a service”? Could “it” cause “all” to be “marked on the right hand or forehead” so that no one could “buy or sell” unless they have this “mark”? Is it a coincidence that machines are now being installed in stores that require you to put your “right hand” on a scanner and that have other scanners mounted at “forehead” level? Is it a coincidence that Bitcoin ATM machines, demonstrated before Congress yesterday, 4/8/2014, in the D of C, requires you to put your hand on a bio-electric scanner? Is it a coincidence that in nations all over the world ATM’s now require “biometric” scanning in order to use the machines? Is it a coincidence that “bio-metric” (really bio-electric) technologies are becoming the defacto way to verify and authorize individuals to “buy or sell”? Is it a coincidence that “biometric” technologies are going to become the ONLY way that one can “access” the Internet in the very near future? Hardly.

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