1997 CNBC Documentary Exposes Link Between Polio Vaccine and Rare Cancer

Old-Thinker News | April 28, 2014

This 1997 documentary from CNBC exposed the link between the Polio vaccine and rare cancers like mesothelioma and childhood cancers. Dr. Maurice Hilleman, a vaccine scientist who worked for Merck, admitted on video that he suspected that the Polio vaccine would cause cancer. He suspected this because of the known presence of monkey viruses in the vaccine; Specifically a virus called SV40. This virus has been found in the tumors of many cancer patients who had the Polio vaccine, and also the children of those who received it.

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7 Comments on "1997 CNBC Documentary Exposes Link Between Polio Vaccine and Rare Cancer"

  1. The poisoned needle by Eleanor Mc Bean.Enter Gangsters in government. and Polio control.This may wake some people up

  2. This is not a case of “everyone would be dead”. That is illogical thinking. Not everyone who drives a car has an accident. Not everyone who drives a car and loses a wheel dies. All-or-nothing thinking is detrimental to productive thought.

  3. Those who resort to name-calling, do so because they cannot articulate intelligent dialogue. :/

  4. I never fail to see the stupidest comments,about SV-40,they never stopped using it,THEY JUST said they did,…LETS get this straight,…THERE HAS NEVER,been a vaccine proven to WORK ever,ITS ALL “BS” and anyone who says different is LIEING or an IDIOT…..and theres no shortage of IDIOTS in america………

  5. I have read up on this before, however if really true most everyone esp those over sixty, some in their 70’s, who were given shots during that time period mentioned, would be in the cemetery today. Hubby and I and friends are still alive way into retirement so, what gives? Besides, hundreds of years ago, people had cancer before modern vaccines.

    • The fucking polio vaccine killed my baby sister, asswipe brain dead idiot……..per the U of MN
      So, FUCK YOU, and your misinformed logic.

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