Why The Global Battle For Control Of The Internet Can’t Be Won

Fast Company | May 9, 2014

By  Victor Kotsev

Censoring regimes in Turkey, Russia, China, Iran, and elsewhere are forcing activists to fight for their right to information, privacy, and world wide freedom. So it’s a good time to know your Virtual Private Networks from your Deep Packet Inspections.

Oppressive regimes around the world are on a crusade against the Internet and all its promise–but though they may yet transform the digital world as we know it, such tactics currently look more like mere tilting against windmills. They simply won’t work–we’ll get into why that is below.

Most recently the Turkish government learned this after it blocked Twitter and Youtube in March in a vain effort to stop the publication of incriminating recordings that were leaked on social media. Within days, citizens were spray painting the IP addresses of public DNS servers on walls and just everybody from the president of the country down was going around the ban.

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