Anti-Illegal Immigration Coalition Plans Weekend of Protests Throughout U.S.

Mashable | July 18, 2014

By Sylvan Lane

Three staunchly conservative political groups are planning more than 300 protests against President Barack Obama’s handling of immigrants, as the crisis at the United States border wears on. The events are scheduled to take place around the country Friday and Saturday.

The American Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC), Overpasses for America and Make Them Listen are coordinating an effort among other Tea Party-associated political groups, which fiercely oppose the federal government’s housing of undocumented immigrants arriving into the country and what they consider a deliberate lack of enforcement of current immigration law.

The protests will take place at Mexican embassies, state capitol buildings, Walmarts, middle schools and overpasses across the country. Gheen expects some to be bigger than others, without giving an estimate of how many people will attend. Around 3,600 people have RSVP’d that they’ll attend on a Facebook event page set up for the protests.

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