Obama’s Newest Executive Orders Bans Eight Russian Arms Manufacturers

AmmoLand | July 21, 2014

President Obama last week announced new, wide-reaching economic sanctions on Russia in reaction to the situation in Ukraine, including bans that effect direct importations of Russian made Rifles and Handguns.

The restrictions cover certain major financial institutions, energy companies, Russian government leaders and eight arms manufacturers, including the Kalashnikov Concern.

The Eight Companies include:

  • Almaz-Antey manufactures surface-to-air missile systems currently used by the Russian military.
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise State Research and Production Enterprise Bazalt is involved in the design and construction of air launched ordnance, rocket propelled grenades, and armored fighting vehicle ammunition. Bazalt’s manufacturing interests include aerial bombs, mortar shells, grenades, anti-tank and anti-saboteur grenade launchers, and projectiles of all types and calibers.

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