Microchips Will Be Implanted Into Healthy People Sooner Than You Think

Business Insider Australia | August 8, 2014

By Dina Spector

In March 2009, British researcher Mark Gasson had a chip injected under the skin of his hand. The chip, a slightly more advanced version of the tags used to track pets, turned Gasson into a walking swipe-card. With a wave of his wrist, he could open security doors at the University of Reading laboratory, where his experiment was being conducted, and he could unlock his cell phone just by cradling it.

A year later, Gasson infected his own implant with a computer virus, one that he could pass on to other computer systems if the building’s networks were programmed to read his chip. As Gasson breezed around the the workplace, spreading the virus and corrupting computer systems, certain areas of the building became inaccessible to his colleagues.

At the time of the experiment, theoretical physicist and author of “The Future of the Mind” Michio Kaku told FOX News that demonstrating the ability to spread infection was an “important point” because “we’re going to have more chips in our body and clothing.”

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  1. You’ll have to excuse me, but I, for one, will not allow this to be done to me. My mind is not anyone’s property!

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