Shock Video: Ferguson Police Deliberately Tear Gas Journalists

Infowars | August 14, 2014

By Paul Joseph Watson

Shocking footage out of Ferguson, Missouri shows that police are deliberately targeting journalists as part of a military-style crackdown that has caused outrage, with even Newsweek acknowledging that U.S. law enforcement is now akin to an occupying army.

The clip shows Al-Jazeera journalists preparing to do a live camera shot of the scene in Ferguson before they are hit with a round of tear gas. The reporters run in the opposite direction. Subsequent photographs show militarized police officers seizing and dismantling their camera equipment as another officer points a sniper rifle at the fleeing reporters.

It is important to emphasize that this is no longer about looting. The police were AWOL when the looting unfolded on Sunday night. Since that time the looting has all but stopped but the crackdown against peaceful protesters and journalists has intensified.

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