Feminism Backlash: Media Programming, Endocrine Disruptors, Will Men Find Their Hearts Again?

Old-Thinker News | December 12, 2014

By Ariel Gail Maclean

In response to Paul Joseph Watson’s commentary on the “Sexodous”

When men and women save themselves in front of one another, eventually we will recognize one another, reach out for the other’s hand, and this path back into one another’s arms might save the human race in time

I am in the Third Stage / First Wave Feminism Backlash whereby not only are there rapidly shrinking age-appropriate males even alive, they are so NOT psycho-spiritually/emotionally available that the pool of prospective Love Partners is down to a virtual zero.

So many people have not learned / do not simply Love themselves. If they did, they would engage with their own self-development as a person. I understand this article is authored by my grandkids’ generation and is being appreciated by much younger people, but I would like to elevate the broadcast by explaining this: Somewhere along the way, the oldest Boomers forgot to talk to one another too – we who have suffered the longest (longetudinally) by what I believe is the end result of nearly a century of Sick Media Programming.

The Heterosexual Grand Canyon you speak of is an END RESULT (and now a cause of further schism) of the loss of the primary cultural, psycho-spiritual, and moral connectors between human beings – the one between a Man and a Woman. So, yes, your descriptions of the symptoms are extremely accurate but they are symptoms of the dis-ease. The Disease is our individual inability to deal with reality, to live truthfully in terms of our relationship with our self, and this foundation “skill” – to See Ourselves As We Are, as opposed to how we are told we need to appear, or how we wish we were, or how our spin-mythology would have us believe – this is the essential missing ingredient which precludes being able to change, grow, adapt, self-correct across and within all generations.

It all starts with personal honesty which is so much more than the absence of outright lies; no one is qualified to develop this essential adult skill except each of us as individuals. Lack of personal honesty about who we are and what we actually do, pre-determines our capacity to correctly view the world around us, to understand and be an effective, informed Citizen, and to effect any change anywhere. We must first SEE THINGS, including ourselves, AS THEY ARE. It is very painful to see what is essentially the accumulated wisdom of an entire civilization being squandered almost overnight but that is what is happening in the world and our beloved country, the good ole US of A leads the pack with the most asleep population on the planet.

The second point I regret to have to make is that males especially, and of all generations, are suffering from widespread consumption saturation of a plethora of hormone disrupters.

This has accumulated to such a degree in all our water and food, and has so permeated prescribed medications that both men and women consume daily by virtue of the fact that we drink and eat, that the elephant in the room has to be the unknown impact of the most pharmaceutically contaminated country on the face of the Earth. Something like 87% of the mood-altering (and hormone disrupting) drugs (street and prescribed) of the entire planet are consumed by less than 5% of the population (USA) of the planet. Think about this. No matter how drug-free we think we are, we are doomed from the start as the average child born today has frightingly high levels of so many chemicals already in their bloodstreams (many which are pharmaceuticals that affect sex hormones), that the belief of just living a clean life is useless. I have a lifetime of being around young families and (for example), I do not know a single family “trying to get pregnant” who does not have fertility issues.

This is another facet of the hormone disruption impact of the chemicals we are bathing in, and again, points to the fact that we are all victims of the same onslaught. The divisive stories our Divide And Conquer government agencies use to promote further reasons to buy their “cures” must be seen for what they are: population control. We need to remember the time when men and women were on the same team and operated off the playbook: Preserve the Relationship.

The last point is this: the hardest road ahead is for young males. We have in the course of a few decades, virtually destroyed the path to adulthood which used to belong to the Worker. Men even more than women, define themselves through Work.

As our values as a nation changed to exclude real industry – making things, being a Producer on an individual and small group scale, our ability to make a place in the world of adults evaporated. Large corporate interests leave no room for individual self-expression and self-reliance cannot be manufactured out of thin air – when was the last time you tried to be an entrepreneur? I have a lifetime of experience in this and it is simply NOT the same world of potentials that it was 50 years ago. So, part of what I will say here will be misunderstood: we need to stop blaming the victim and learn to separate this from the knee-jerk sense of entitlement which is the other end of the problem continuum. Ordinary people are not the cause of this but they are the only ones who can save themselves. The government prevents us from making work for ourselves.

There are so many barriers in front of enterprising energy that it makes the marginally qualified and financially depleted young male bury themselves in drugs, alcohol, and mind-numbing electronics (which activate the exact same part of the brain that drugs activate – no difference, it’s still addiction). Addiction is the end result of our inability to deal with reality and addiction also continues our inability to deal with reality. What we have in America right now is a critical mass of the population who are technically speaking, Addicted. I am a former Substance Abuse Counselor and will say from personal experience: Systems of Addiction Resist Change and it is going to take one hell of a big impact for enough people to wake up and save themselves. When men and women save themselves in front of one another, eventually we will recognize one another, reach out for the other’s hand, and this path back into one another’s arms might save the human race in time.

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  1. the great wazzoo | April 28, 2016 at 5:48 am |

    You’re just a racist if you don’t want to control women. Us Muslims have wonderful control of our women, if you do not like that then you don’t like Muslims, which means you are a racist. The choice is clear: control your women, or forever be labeled as a racist bigot.

  2. I’m astounded at the honesty and deep emotion in the comments. Paul Joseph Watson’s video may not be perfect, but it’s onto to something very real and I’m happy that someone is bothering to notice after better than fifty years of unchallenged feminism and radical individualism in a presumptuous era; also to Ariel Gail Maclean.

    In a recent article titled the Fundamental Good of Complimentarity, the author discusses the subject with a Dr. Alvare of George Mason University School of Law who was part of the Humanum conference. It might not be for everyone, but it’s indicates that finally people are talking about a very real problem, the need of man and woman for each other in a biological, societal and spiritual way.

  3. I have been exposed to gobs of harmone disruptors as a male.The disruptor in my life of entitled women,women who celebrate obesity,abortion,divorce and single motherhood.

    The disruptor women carry of shallowness,consumerism,materialism….

    The disruptor of no fault divorce laws,lifetime alimony,child support and maternal presumption.

    The disruptor of women who willfully throw their childrens father out of the home for a section 8 apartment,a handful of food stamps,a free phone,for welfare and child support while western females initiate 75% of the 50% of all marriages in America that end in divorce.

    Western women have altogether priced themselves out of the dating and marriage market with their huge backsides that they are proud of,their basta%d kids,their attitudes as well as many western females literally look and act like dudes.

    Single,obese,broke single mothers should date single, broke, obese fathers…..

    Western females with three kids who expect a childless prince to save them are delusional and this is proof of their grandiose sense of self worth.

    Most importantly,buy a dog and put your nuts on ice.

  4. I did not watch the Watson video.

    A lot has happened in the last 100 years and many of us have romanticized views of what relationships used to be like.I think there is a strong support for the idea that marriage and the family and its preservation can serve the needs of the extended family, village or species better than they serve the needs of the individual – male or female.

    For example, I gleaned from my parents that they both felt victimized by the constraints of the times which more than romance or a desire to start a family led them into marriage. I don’t think they were unusual in that respect Consider the rules then…no birth control, no real jobs available for women, serious social disapproval of singlehood.

    When the Feminist movement caught fire in the 60’s it was because there was a lot of pent up anger based on the realities of being a woman. I was reading feminist articles and books then because they were the only ones thinking about these issues. Most feminists I read were pretty clear that men were just as programmed and limited as they were.

    Not sure what is happening now with feminism and relationships but the challenges to experiencing and expressing healthy love and affection seem to be enduring. A Taoist Master I read says straight out that on this planet sexual energy has been and still is repressed and channeled into violence…not a good starting point for heart based or even polarity based relationship.

    Also, follow the money. A man could earn enough to support a family only a short time ago. Sometime in the early 20th century in the USA and other Western countries the balance of the economy shifted from family farms to manufacturing or corporate farming. A consequence was that children changed from being economic assets – they could help out on a farm from an early age – to major economic liabilities.

    The path Ariel envisions is a feminine (not misspelling feminist here) way of dealing with stress….reaching out for support, building relationship, communicating. The path of withdrawal which she sees as addiction might be the masculine response to stress – retreating into one’s cave to work it out- or it might just be denial.

    We need to experience and express love the best we can and keep forgiving.

  5. The writer seems to have a kind heart, but there is more asymmetry than she posits. Men and women saving each other in front of each other? Women are riding high, they feel no need to save themselves. And if men “save themselves” in front of women, it won’t stimulate sexual attraction. The barriers in society that permitted civilized and moderate interaction between the sexes are gone. Women know it. And kind words like the authors won’t fool too many men these days, as one can see by the tone of the comments.

    Some women are “getting religion” but it’s only because they want to get hitched before it’s too late, and over 30 is looking like pretty late when women used to think they had until 40. Simple as that motivation is, it can be enough, but the successful men will not come across as saving anything, but by creating desire in the woman and then exerting leadership — same as it’s always been, really.

    Feminism has created this set of catch-22’s for the men, and if the women want these men, they’ll have to do a lot of confidence building with men who won’t be inclined to trust. Men don’t care enough or trust enough any more to bother changing. They don’t feel it’s their job to be protective. They’ve very intentionally unlearned that and now feel a lot of freedom. That’s not hate, it’s freedom that they have whether you like it or not.

  6. I think the reason there are no males available is due to brown bag syndrome.. If people do no know what brown bag syndrome is it is when the guy drinks whiskey out of a brown paper bag while living in an older station wagon or similar vehicle while making ridiculous payments to the x while she gets pumped by the local thug star from time to time..

    The young boys see their fathers getting their financial teeth kicked in and it sticks in their psychie . .

    But feminism will not stop until everything including themselves is destroyed ..

  7. You are going to point your finger of blame at my body and tell me once again that there is something wrong with me. It’s just bizarre to me that I can look at my sons and brothers and see heroes and warriors, and you look at us and see a problem. -That is feminism.

  8. This has been over 40 years in the making – it’s not going to go away overnight. Bad things happen and you can not remedy the situation at the point of a gun which seems to be the current stratagem. Feminism is real. It’s an intentional movement. It’s so pervasive that young women today don’t even know that they have feminist values because feminism is the dominant value system. Men did not do this. They teach feminist values in most public school systems. Most women I meet speak to me as if I was a stupid child.

  9. Women see things completely differently than Men. Everyone knows this and accepts it. Forgive us (men) if we take your words with a grain of salt as the saying goes. Your opinion is as valid as your understanding. Woman can never truly understand what it is to be male, and they can not fix what their sisters, mothers, daughters have done to us. After 40 years of gender war can’t you just leave us alone? You wanted this and now you’re not happy? Not our fault. Did you ever consider that all the real gentlemen are gone because all the ladies have gone away as well. I taught my son never to trust women. That is what a good father will teach their son so that they can prosper in this world. History proves me right again and again.

  10. The ‘problem’ is that the cult of idolatry around men is collapsing, as it should.

    • the modern western woman is the most privileged, sheltered, and falsely pedastalized creature to ever exist on this planet.

  11. The comments on this page are more intelligent than what i just found following Watson’s vidio. The bottom line is everyone has free choice. If you use it to zone out into self indulgent , mind numbing practices, you loose your self worth and dignity. Young men should “Man up” get widom and take real responisbilty for themselves. God did not put us on earth to zone out but to make the world a better place. Real Men are defined by the work we accomplish by the way we serve our families and communities as singles or as married. Don’t blame women or social engeneering. Men have minds and eyes and a God that will guide them. All will have to give an account.

    • Your comment is the best response to the entire situation for true confidence can never feel threated when anothers situation improves.

  12. At a relatively young 33 I find it amusing that anyone expects a change. The amount of time that it takes to just understand how we ended up at our current juncture is staggering. I would say at least 200 hours of reading is about the minimum before you really start to understand how our current web of finances and morality(or lack of) is so well woven. Once you see what your trapped in do you even have the strength to try against it? Like I have said before to much easily available food makes people soft and they forget the lean times.

  13. I think we can all agree that there is a problem in the “garden of eden” of marriage in the western world. Yes?

    As the argument in the alternative media (infowars and red ice radio) gains furry, I find myself stepping back to analyze the problem.

    The first thing I notice is the deliberate provocation of the rage boiling from the depths of our despair and loneliness. This tactic only fuels the fight, in no way does it lead to a resolution. But that is the game of all media including the alternatives like Alex Jones on Infowars. They prey on your base emotions and name the object of your discontent regressing you into an unconscious hypnotic trance which they can then control.

    In this case Paul Joseph Watson’s (commentator on Infowars) 8 minute video on Milo Yiannopoulos’s (Associate Editor at Breitbart London) article called “Sexodus” activates a fundamental split in the human psyche that occurred when we were created/born/evolved. What I’m trying to say is the polarity between the sexes is a fundamental split, if not the root split in our psyche. All of who you are as an ego-personality builds from this elemental split.

    I believe that each cognitive and emotional level of ego development along with its associated worldview has a specific response to what it needs in relationship. For instance, on the low end of development there is the primal instinct of securing a sex object for reproducing. As one evolves to the higher levels of cognitive and emotional development the needs become less primal, more emotional and eventually spiritual.

    Quite frankly, it is ignorant to blame all of man’s woes on women, especially those who are progressing into higher levels of spiritual development. That Watson and Yiannopoulos blame women for man’s regression into pornography, video games, and addiction is ridiculous. This kind of thinking comes from a place of victimhood, entitlement, and irresponsibility. Any arguments past this point are irrelevant because the beginning premise is faulty. Furthermore, regression into video games where women are abused and objectified, and war is exemplified happens long before boys become men.

    The important question to ask is — why do men fall into these regressive hypnotic trances where women are objectified, if what they want is a real relationship with a woman? Why wouldn’t they learn more about women? And if men have their heads in pornography, video games, and addiction then women should be worried about rape. The “feminists” who are the so called perpetrators of the sexodus are trying to stop the violence against women. Is that not a worthy pursuit?

    If you are serious about a resolution to current plight of marriage (or relationship) then should we not start with framing the questions of research better? Every question in and of itself limits the answers by the assumptions embedded in that question. Quite frankly, Sexodus is not really an inquiry; it is a rant. And as I said it is an ancient rant.

    * What are the needs and desires of the sexes in relationship?
    * Are there any shared needs and desires between the sexes?
    * Do these needs and desires change as one ages?
    * Can these transformations in our needs and desires occur with the same partner?

    I could go on and on with relevant questions that might lead to solutions to this age old problem.

    • AKISMET said: “Quite frankly, it is ignorant to blame all of man’s woes on women, especially those who are progressing into higher levels of spiritual development. ”

      I don’t think you got the point of the video by Watson. He isn’t blaming men’s woes on WOMEN per se, but on “feminist programming.” Which you have not addressed in your comment.

      In other words, the “polarity between the sexes,” as you put it, has been actually engineered, and inflamed more and more (something you accuse Watson, Jones etc of doing) via feminism.

      I am not saying there were not some imbalances pre-feminism between men and women. I saw it e.g. between my Grandfather and Grandmother after all. But still, in traditional cultures men and women got along in a much more nurturing and mutually-beneficial way than we do now. Women certainly seem more natural (yes I have observed it first-hand).

      • “traditional cultures men & women got along in a much more nurturing and mutually-beneficial way than we do now”. That is a matter of opinion. In the “traditional” way women were taught to follow along and not try to impose themselves into the “male’s world”. The reason you think they were more nurturing and mutually beneficial because it largely and mainly benefited male ego and pride. I remember when I was younger how women/girls were taught to always pamper and nurture the males, never talk about themselves when on dates, always talk about the guy, and always minimize your accomplishments to make your man look good and feel superior.
        The thing is, nobody really addresses what a woman was supposed to do if she did not want to get married. Back then she was just out of luck.
        I really think this has to do with many men simply wanting to deny women what they take for granted: freedom. If freedom of choices is only allotted to half the population then you are not a free society.

  14. Just a few years back while working at a local paper, I noticed 4 people celebrating a 50th anniversary the same weekend. It struck me as wonderful and I pressed the editor to let me make a feature page with their announcements.

    This created much laughter about how cute I was to still believe in marriage at my age. What surprised me most was the clear, adement comments from women in the office which fit a common theme, “50 years? I’ld kill the bastard first.”

    • There was a time when men made jokes they would never marry for all the reasons that women were this and women were that. Now the tides have turned and women are not wanting marriage. I think in the past women had no choice but to marry, now they have choices. Women had a lot of rage pent up while the men were all clueless happy campers. I can’t believe men actually talk about how we need to go back to the old ways with women confined to the home. How does enslaving someone make you happier? very weird.

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