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  1. I know plenty of young women that bemoan not being able to find a husband. I tell them regularly that the young men of their generation has had a lifetime of reading bumper stickers that say “A woman needs a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle.” As a mother of a young man and and several little boys in my family I talk about the war on boys quite frequently. I usually am met with glazed eyes from my feminists friends. But it is very real and a real tragedy in our culture. You see its effects in men of my generation as well. It was my generation that ruined things. Everyone is confused. I have no patience for my white female friends with white husbands and white boys who go on and on about the evils of white men often in front of their white men.

  2. Too many of today’s women are looking for someone to take care of them. They refuse to work for a common cause. There is no shortage of women who will trade sex for room and board. Just more of the entitlement mentality. If a man happens to get one pregnant then it is 20 years of child support whether they were married or not. So many women are serial divorcees looking for the next man to contribute to their support. There are so many more worthwhile endeavors than wasting time on a female. Any more, women are just too much of a pain in the ass to waste time on. Life is much less complicated and more profitable without them.

  3. I’m a female who has been brought up listening to all the feminist rhetoric. Only starting to realise how damaging this has been. Now into 30s, with a good education and 15+ year career. But alone. Finally dawned on me that prospect of having children and a family becoming more and more unlikely. I’d always taken it as read that this would just happen. But looking around me the men are just .. awful. I’m surrounded by wimps, bisexuals, metrosexuals, perverts and gays. But, of course, PC culture dictates that I’m not allowed to say any of this. I don’t even consider them “men”. They wouldn’t be able to protect me, to provide a home, they certainly don’t inspire respect. I feel like a renegade just thinking these thoughts! I’m a pretty girl, smart but not loud or overbearing. Yet these men seem terrified of me. Either that or they act like thugs. There is no middle ground. In the last 10 years I’ve had “boyfriends” turn out to be gay (which I found traumatic and pretty gross). Of course, I’m not allowed to be judgemental about this, no matter how devious and abusive their behaviour has been. Being gay makes them martyrs! And they win the ultimate “get out of jail” card. They’re forever beyond reproach from that point onwards. No matter the damage they cause to your health and mental and emotional wellbeing. Criticising them makes you “homophobic”. Same goes for trans people. They too win the get away with whatever they want lottery! And the guys left over? Are they even straight anymore? I’m not convinced. It’s depressing that’s for sure.

  4. If I may be so bold as to put my elder-single-female 2-cents worth into this (again) extremely well thought out story by Paul Joseph…..

    I am in the Third Stage / First Wave Feminism Backlash whereby not only are there rapidly shrinking age-appropriate males even alive, they are so NOT psycho-spiritually/emotionally available that the pool of prospective Love Partners is down to a virtual zero. So many people have not learned / do not simply Love themselves. If they did, they would engage with their own self-development as a person. I understand this article is authored by my grandkids’ generation and is being appreciated by much younger people, but I would like to elevate the broadcast by explaining this: Somewhere along the way, the oldest Boomers forgot to talk to one another too – we who have suffered the longest (longetudinally) by what I believe is the end result of nearly a century of Sick Media Programming. The Heterosexual Grand Canyon you speak of is an END RESULT (and now a cause of further schism) of the loss of the primary cultural, psycho-spiritual, and moral connectors between human beings – the one between a Man and a Woman. So, yes, your descriptions of the symptoms are extremely accurate but they are symptoms of the dis-ease. The Disease is our individual inability to deal with reality, to live truthfully in terms of our relationship with our self, and this foundation “skill” – to See Ourselves As We Are, as opposed to how we are told we need to appear, or how we wish we were, or how our spin-mythology would have us believe – this is the essential missing ingredient which precludes being able to change, grow, adapt, self-correct across and within all generations It all starts with personal honesty which is so much more than the absence of outright lies; no one is qualified to develop this essential adult skill except each of us as individuals. Lack of personal honesty about who we are and what we actually do, pre-determines our capacity to correctly view the world around us, to understand and be an effective, informed Citizen, and to effect any change anywhere. We must first SEE THINGS, including ourselves, AS THEY ARE. It is very painful to see what is essentially the accumulated wisdom of an entire civilization being squandered almost overnight but that is what is happening in the world and our beloved country, the good ole US of A leads the pack with the most asleep population on the planet.

    The second point I regret to have to make is that males especially, and of all generations, are suffering from widespread consumption saturation of a plethora of hormone disrupters. This has accumulated to such a degree in all our water and food, and has so permeated prescribed medications that both men and women consume daily by virtue of the fact that we drink and eat, that the elephant in the room has to be the unknown impact of the most pharmaceutically contaminated country on the face of the Earth. Something like 87% of the mood-altering (and hormone disrupting) drugs (street and prescribed) of the entire planet are consumed by less than 5% of the population (USA) of the planet. Think about this. No matter how drug-free we think we are, we are doomed from the start as the average child born today has frightingly high levels of so many chemicals already in their bloodstreams (many which are pharmaceuticals that affect sex hormones), that the belief of just living a clean life is useless. I have a lifetime of being around young families and (for example), I do not know a single family “trying to get pregnant” who does not have fertility issues. This is another facet of the hormone disruption impact of the chemicals we are bathing in, and again, points to the fact that we are all victims of the same onslaught. The divisive stories our Divide And Conquer government agencies use to promote further reasons to buy their “cures” must be seen for what they are: population control. We need to remember the time when men and women were on the same team and operated off the playbook: Preserve the Relationship.

    The last point is this: the hardest road ahead is for young males. We have in the course of a few decades, virtually destroyed the path to adulthood which used to belong to the Worker. Men even more than women, define themselves through Work. As our values as a nation changed to exclude real industry – making things, being a Producer on an individual and small group scale, our ability to make a place in the world of adults evaporated. Large corporate interests leave no room for individual self-expression and self-reliance cannot be manufactured out of thin air – when was the last time you tried to be an entrepreneur? I have a lifetime of experience in this and it is simply NOT the same world of potentials that it was 50 years ago. So, part of what I will say here will be misunderstood: we need to stop blaming the victim and learn to separate this from the knee-jerk sense of entitlement which is the other end of the problem continuum. Ordinary people are not the cause of this but they are the only ones who can save themselves. The government prevents us from making work for ourselves. There are so many barriers in front of enterprising energy that it makes the marginally qualified and financially depleted young male bury themselves in drugs, alcohol, and mind-numbing electronics (which activate the exact same part of the brain that drugs activate – no difference, it’s still addiction). Addiction is the end result of our inability to deal with reality and addiction also continues our inability to deal with reality. What we have in America right now is a critical mass of the population who are technically speaking, Addicted. I am a former Substance Abuse Counselor and will say from personal experience: Systems of Addiction Resist Change and it is going to take one hell of a big impact for enough people to wake up and save themselves. When men and women save themselves in front of one another, eventually we will recognize one another, reach out for the other’s hand, and this path back into one another’s arms might save the human race in time.

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      Excellent commentary, Ariel. Do I have your permission to post this as a featured article on Old-Thinker News?

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